5 Tips To Concentrate On Study For Long Time

Study For long time is Very Simple and Easy if you know the Techniques to Control you Mind and Stay Focused. While study most of the students I seen have not Focus for long Duration of time, Mostly the Reason Behind these is Distraction and Mental instability. In this Post We Have Cover Some Magical Tips and techniques through Which you Can Improve your Concentration and make your Mind  ready For Longer Duration of Studies.
                  how to study for long time
Many of the Board Exam Aspirants always ask from me That How I concentrate on Study for long Period of time, then I always Recommend them some of my Experienced Point which i applied During My Board Exams. They Also Worried About how to Control their Mind Because their main problem is their bad Habits like Playing games, Using Whatsapp, Scrolling Instagram Reels, Chatting with Friends On Messenger, etc.

Tips To Stay Focus On Study For Long Time:

All the Tips Given Below are Practical and Effective, I hope if you Follow these Tips then You get Good Result in Improving Your Concentration For Long Time Studies.

1.Away From Present Pleasure

In Today Modern World Their a lot of things like Social Media, Netflix, TV, etc. Which may Distract You from Your Studies So Sure that During Studies “Always Away From the thing which gives you the present Pleasure and Distract you From Your Target“. During Long time Studies Try to Focus your mind only on your study not on External Environment. For Long Time Study Try to select an Good Place with

  • No Background Noise.
  • Flat and Clear Surface with comfortable sitting Space.
  • Proper Lighting System.
  • Try To use Table and chair.
  • Good Vibes And Fresh Air 

2. Make A Game

Mostly Students feels Very tired After an Long Time Study, so “Always Make your Long time Study Like a Game”. Making long time study like a game is Simply Means

  • Make your Mind Folish : Study For Long time is not Hard if you Have a Great Interest in Study, Always when you are sitting for a long time study Try to use “DIVIDE AND RULE FORMULA”. Now Lets Understand this Awesome technique ; 

            *What is Divide and Rule Formula:  Breaking Out a Big Work into No of Small Works. During Studies try to make Divide Your Study into Shift-wise. In other Words Make the Long Time study into Small Slots and after Completing Every Slots Reward Yourself and If You Not complete the slot Punish Yourself with study For Some more Time.

3. Take Power Nap 

An Rest to Brain which activate your Brain to Assume More knowledge is know As “Power Nap”. In Power Nap you have to Sleep For 10-20Minutes to make Your Brain Reactivate To Learn or Study More. Power Nap is Most Important Tools to Recharge and Boost Your Brain to Perform the Best. Using this technique in During your Study you can Boost your Concentration and Remembering Capacity. Most of the Student Get good result after implementing this technique in Study Timetable. So this is my recommendation to Use this technique in During your studies to get high Result in Boosting Your Performance.

4. Make Time Table

To Make Your Time highly Effective and Productive You Have Manage Your Time and the Technique of Managing the time For a Work in a Proper Manner is know as “Timetable“.
Making a timetable is nothing than Defining an proper schedule For a Work an defining an proper Time for the Proper Work. So also During Making a Plan For Study for Long Period of time, Make an Proper Organised Schedule for Every Subjects. Dedicate an Particular Period of Time Slot to a Particular Subject.

5. Always Be Self Motivated

Motivation for any work is very important But the main problem is motivation is not Permanent in Humans Mindset. Basically Motivation is an Energy which forces you mentally to work hard to get Something which you Really Want. Most of the Student is Suffering from the Problem of Demotivation, Stress, unsatisfaction and the One and only One Solution of these all Problem is “SELF MOTIVATION”.

SELF Motivation is Nothing that the internal Desire to do something big In life. In student life, Every student is Demotivated many time Due various Reasons Like Due to Bad Results in exams, etc. Self Motivation During Studies improve your learning Capacity as well as Self Confidence. Self confidence is another Form of Internal motivation, so always Belive in Yourself and Make Your self Esteem High.


Now I hope that this Article is very helpful in improving your Concentration. All the points I have Share in this Article is very useful and Result Oriented I Hope You guys Also Get Awesome Result after adding this Tips and Techniques in Your schedule. if You Like this Article may sure to Comment Your Feedback, Meanwhile takecare of Yourself. Thanks For Reading is Useful Article.

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