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Writing a Perfect Answer is Also An Skill, Knowing Everything is not very Important in Board But Presenting This is Knowledge in Better Way is Important. The skill of Presenting an Answers in Proper Format is Known as Presentation Skill. So the Important Factor For Getting Good Marks In Class10th and 12th Board Exam is The Style Of Presenting the Answers of the Questions Asked in Board Paper. Most of the Student Know Every Topic and Every Question Answers But do not get Good Marks Due their Poor Presentation Skills. So in Board Examination Presentation of Answer is Must in Proper Board Manner so that When Examiner Check your Answer sheet then He can give you full marks and Also understand Your Quality.

How to write Best Answer in Board exam

Writing an Perfect Answer of a Question is An skill is Can be Develop with Practice. Now we tell you the correct way to write your Best Answer in your Board Exams. Every students who are preparing for Board Examination Have Mostly Confused “How Many lines Should I write For Best Answer “. So Today in Post We Are Going to tell you the Best Tips to Write an Perfect Answer. 

How much Line to Write For Best Answer

Most Of the student are Thinking about The number of lines to write in the Answer they never think about the main Content Of the Question They always try only for Writing More and More According To their Thinking they Assume that If they Write More then they Get More Marks which is Totally Wrong. But the Actual Reality is the Answer is the Perfect Answer In simple Word The Answers Main contain the Value Points which is Asked in Question. Number Of Lines Do not Define Your Numbers in Board Exams the Value Points you are Adding is the main factor which Mainly Depend How Much Number You get from this Answer, So Never be Confused About The Number Of Lines For any Answer always Focus to Add the Value point {Technical Point} Related to the Question.

Now To Write An Perfect Answer Which Contain Value points and Having good presentation style tells know Some “Secret Tips How Toppers Write Their Answers” in their Exams.

Secret Tips To Write Perfect Answers 

Writing a Perfect Answer of Any Question is Not a Very Big Deal, If you Know the Presentation Style to Present Your Answer in An Sequenced Manner. All these Tips Are Very Important and Helpful in Improving Your Presentation Skill. To make an Answer of Question Be Perfect, There are Some Factor Which may Required, Which are Give Below:

1. Be Accurate

During writing Answer Most of the Student only Filling The Copies their don’t Have any idea About the Actual Answer of the Question, What To Write and What not to write. So During Writing the Answer Always Try to Write An Accurate Answer which is Actually Asked in the Question, Never Ever Try only For Fill the Answer sheet Because when you Writing Much More Than the Question want then, Their is Chance you lose the Marks. Making Answer Small and Accurate is Making Simple for Examiner To check our Copy and Give us Maximum Marks. Don’t Make Your Answer sheet like a Rough Copy Write clear and On the Point 

!! Don’t Write More, But Write Accurate !!

2. Be Creative 

Creativity is Very important to making an Answer More Attractive and Impressive. During Copy checking Examiner are Bored and giving an Average Number to all, But When they get an Creative Answer, which is something Different and Unique than other then they are Impressed From your Copy and They Give you More and More Marks As they Can and they Also Check Your Copy Very intently.
How To make Your Answer More Creative
  • Use Images
  • Write In points Form, Not in Paragraph Form
  • Use Graphical Representation, If Required 
  • Use Creative Symbols
  • Make Tables, If Required

3. Add Value Point

Making Answer Longer and Complicated Have no Value Always try to make Your Short But Make Sure To Cover Maximum Value Points which is Asked In Questions which Make Simple for Examiner For Evaluating and Also For You to Writing Less, Saves Your Time For Revision. Adding Technical Points in the Answer make Your Answer Effective Towards Examiner Which Create Your Image that You are Good student Toward The Examiner.

!! Add Value Not Lines !!

4. Make Lines After Completing Every Answer

After Completing Every Answers Make Sure Make Line which make an Good Impression of your Answer sheet on the Examiner during the Checking Which May increases Your Marks Somehow. So Always try to Complete Your Exam Before the Time so that You Have Sufficient Time To make Lines After Every Answer. Must Use Pencil Don’t Use Pen for Lining. When You Makes Lines After Completing an Answer, it is Very Easy for the Examiner To understand the Question Numbers and They Evaluate Easily. 

5. Don’t Panic

During Exam When Student do not know the Answers of Questions in Starting Then they Panic. In starting of the Paper Mostly Some Hard Question are Added to Test your Patience, So don’t Panic Because of Some Questions, When you do not understand the starting question Or You do not know the Answer of the Question then Don’t Worry jump on next Questions. Always Be cool During the whole exam Period and get full focused on paper. Because When you distract from the paper then your mind get hesitated and By the way it also get Feared due to external competitive Surrounding because you see everyone is busy in Writing Answers. Always Attempts All Questions, it do not matters is you know the Right Answer if you any Information related to that Question then write it in Explained Form But don’t Miss any Question.


In this we have covered “How to Write The Best Answer in Your Board Exam” and we also tell you some most important Tips to make your Answer More Effective and Perfect. We are also try to cover Some Part of Presentation skill. After Reading this full Post we hope you get a Brief Knowledge Related to Writing An Perfect Answer. if you think that this Post is Really Helpful and Knowledgeable then Make Sure to Comment your Feedback and Must Share with your Community.

!! Thank you !!

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