7 Secret Tips To Make Effective Notes For Self Study [Exam Success Trick]

Self Study is the Most Effective Method For Exam Preparation But the Problem Occurs During the Exam  Preparation is “How To Make Best Notes For Self Study”. Making Study Notes is not a Big Deal But Making an Effective Study Notes is An Big Deal. Most of the Students Are worried About How to make Notes for Self Study As well As How to take notes effectively, etc. Actually Most Of the students make their Notes But this is not Effective for them During Their Exam Time. Now Today I am Going to Tell You the Secret Tips through which you can make an Effective Study and Revision Notes For Your Examination Preparation. 

how to make Notes for Study

 I know that You are Read Many Articles But You Do not Satisfied from Those Articles, that Why You are On this Article But I can Assure you that After Reading this Article Carefully and Following This tips During Making your Notes you get Good result from these, Now tell us Discuss this amazing Tips for Making Best Study Notes For Your Revision During Exam.

7 Secret Tips To Make Study Notes Effective

Mostly Students Always Ask Sir “How to make Best Notes for Self Study” so this Secret tips is for them. During Making Study Notes there are many Points you have to Remember But Some of the Most Important Points which make your Notes More Effective for Revision and Exam Preparation Tell us Discuss These Points in Brief 

1. Your Own Language & Style

Many of student make their Notes Very Compilated and Mostly they write their notes in book Language Due to With they Make their notes But they it is not as Productive As they Want, Firstly You have to understand one think that the notes you are writing is for your own use, Not for commercial use so make you Notes as Simple as Possible, Always Try to Write your Notes in your own language so that During Revising the topic you can Visualize that topic in Your Subconscious Mind and understand the Concept Behind this Topic.

2. Examples Must Include With Images 

To Make your Notes More Effective Use maximum Examples For Every Topics try to write Examples Related to this Topic so that when you read your notes then you can understand the concept Easily and Also Remember this topics for longer period of time. During Note Making also try to use Images Related to Topics So that During reading the Notes you Can Easily Understand the Concept Through Images, Actually Images Help to Imagine the Concept In your Mind and Understand this Topic.

3. Visualize Complicated Information 

Every one Know the Power of Visualization, So During Notes Revision try to Visualize the Concept With the help of Graphs, Images, Tables, etc. Actually when we see any image then the information Related to this image comes into Your Mind One By One Due to which when you using the images and Graphs then you Realize the Topic in Brief. Basically it is an Rule of Psychology Related to Power of Subconscious Mind. So Always During Notes Making for Self study Make sure to use Images and Graphs so that when you see the Notes again then you can Easily understand Concepts Behind the Image.

4. Make Your Generated Formula

When You Writing the Notes for Revision then Most of the Students Write the Same to Same Formula From the Book that Why They Do not Remember this Formula For Long Time so Always try to write Formula in your Style so that When you are Practice or Revise the Chapter or Formulas then First you can Learn the Formulas As well as also Understand the Concept Behind this Formula and Also Understand the Applications Of this Formula. So always Write formulas in your own Language and Method. Like use Hindi or also Change The terms of Formula According to Your Comfortability.  

5. Understand Your Own Learning Style

Only writing Notes is not Important But also Make Sure that the Concepts you are Writing is in Own language not copy paste the book Lines. Understanding your Own Learning Style is Very important So that when you are writing the Concepts of any Chapter, you can write this in your learning Style. The main aim of making notes get More marks in Result as well as Revise the Topics in minimum time. so when you Write your notes in Your own style then Revising any Topics Becomes Simple.

6. Organize Notes in Proper Structure & Priority Order

During making Notes for Self Study, Write the Notes in Proper Order and According to Priority List. Making the Notes More Effective Organize the notes in Correct Way, For  Example: Like you are write Notes from chapter 1 Physics Class 12th, then write the Concepts Key points In Number-wise or in sequence Form. Most Used Symbols for Notes Making is Give Below :-

  • Dot                         {.}
  • Numbers             {1,2,3,4,5,…}
  • Symbols             {!,#,*,-,~,…} 
  • Star /Dash

7. Make Improvement in Notes Regularly

Everyone Improving Day By Day, This Improvement May Be Related to skills, Self Development as well As growth in the your Knowledge We never Update the Notes. So to Make the Notes More Effective and Productive Make Regular Improvement In your Notes with Adding New Formula, Concept Key Points, images Related to Any Concept. Regular Updation in Any thinks can make this think Up to Date. So regular changes and Improvement in your Study Notes Make this Better and Better Everyday. When you know something new Related to Any Concept or Topic Make sure to add this in Your Notes On Regular Basis So that Your Notes will Be Upgraded Everyday.
!! If You Are Not Updated You Are Outdated !!


This Article Cover all the Most Important Topic to Make the Best Notes For Your Self Study. We wish this Article is Very helpful For You, if you think that this article is helpful in your study Make sure To share Your Feedback and Suggestions in Comment Box and If you have Any Question Related to Study You Can Also Ask it in the Comment Box. I hope you All good and Performing Good in your Studies.
**Thank You**

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