Avoid These Silly Mistakes Before Going in Examination Hall

Most Of the Time Some Silly Mistakes Waste your Hard Work Of  Years, Similarly Some Silly Mistakes in Board Exams Can Make Your Board Exam Result Poor. So, During your Board Exams Must Avoid Silly Mistakes To get Good Result. Mostly Students are asking from me about the Steps For “How to Avoid the Most Common Mistakes During Board Exam”. So in this article I am Going to share some Most important tips to avoid Mistakes in Exams with you.

how to avoid mistakes in exam
Mistakes During Exams Is Common but if you know this about This Mistakes From Earlier Then You
Can Avoid This Mistakes During Your Exams But For Knowing this Mistakes you have to practice Sample paper so that During Solving the Sample Paper You Can Realize This Mistakes. Now Tell us Discuss Some Techniques To Avoid These Silly Mistakes During Exams so that you can Perform your
Best in Exams. 

5 Tips To Avoid Mistakes Before Exams:
There Are Many Techniques through Which you Can Improve the Change of Doing the Silly/Common Mistakes During Board Examination As Well As Before Going to Examination Hall, Actually Before Exam Every student is Very Nervous and Stressed Due to Which When they Get Paper They Do many Mistakes. 

1. Don’t Show That You Know All Concept
Mostly Before Going in Examination Hall, I see Most of the Students Are Very Excited as well as Nervous and Most of the Students Are Mostly Discuss About Some Concept, Questions, etc. related to Exam paper Difficulty as well as what type of Questions Come What Type are Not Come. From This Student Crowd many students are Busy in solving question only and Some Are showing that, They know every topic and if any one say that this is not correct or it is not comes in Exam they Get very Nervous and Their Exam also goes Bad. So Before Going to examination When you are with your friends or Students Crowd On the Exam Centre Make sure to Calm your mind and don’t try to show that you are very intelligent or you prepared Everything.
     !! Become Foolish For Some Time !!

2. Never Ever Try To Learn Any Question
Before Going to Examination hall, I see that most of the Students and Learning Answers Continuous, Due to Which they not Remember the answers and they got Depressed and Not Perform Good During the Exam. So Be Alert Before Going to Examination Hall Never Try to Learn or Solve any Question And also Don’t Try To Revise anything Because if you try to learn or Revise anything your mind come in action and making you Nervous by Generating unwanted Thoughts Related to the Exam Paper. Try to Relax And Fell Happy Because you going to write your one year Performance.
!! Never Learn, Don’t Nervous, Be Cool, Perform Your Best !! 

3. Try To Talk Less But Not Least

When You are On the Examination Center Gate you see that Every Student are Discuss Only and Only about Exam Paper. But Remember when you are talking about anything and if someone say any Negative think related to this think then this word is running in your Mind Multiple Time So Don’t talk More with your friends Related to exam paper Because when talk with them more with your friends Related to exam then your mind created An Fear in your mind Related to that think due to which sometimes your paper may goes Bad. Most of the student talking about silly Question which have no Relevance with Exam Paper. Mostly student wasting their time on the question like:

  • What is the Level of Paper
  • Is this Year Paper is Simple or Hard
  • Which topic Questions is More

!! Don’t Discuss, Don’t Panic, Be Relax, Perform Good !! 

4. Always Belive in YourSelf and Your Preparation

Most of students I see lose their Confidence at the End Point Due to Negativity and Nervousness. From Which Mostly they very Good in Studies and Also Prepare Good For Their Exams But the End Moment most of them they Lost their Confidence. So I give Two advice for that student :

  • Not Be Panic It Just a Exam Dear, its Not Life Your Future Result Tell Only Your One Year Performance. Your Board Result Never Decide Your Future.

  • Always Belive On your Hard Work and Preparation, Try to Focus on Exampaper without Thinking the Result and This External World Comments.

 !! Belive in Yourself, Focus On Paper, Perform Your Best !!

5Be Positive & Motivated

Be Alert Because Before going to Exam Many External Factors try to Demotivate you and Also try to Make You Fearful and Negative for the paper, So make sure to be Away from that type of friends how are trying to demotivate you or making exam paper Fear in your Mind. Actually At the End Moment i See many Of the Students Are become Nervous and Feared from the exam paper to their friends Unwanted Thought Due to Which they not Perform Their Best During Exam, So As a Mentor My responsibility Is to Tell you that Before Going In your Class For Exam Paper Be Positive and Motivated Ignore What The Crowd Say Because No Body Know About the Paper Everyone are Is Only Making Fear and Negativity Related To Exam Paper and this type of people are Very Toxic So away From Them.

!! Be Motivated, Ignore Negativity, Stay Focused, Perform Best !!


If you Read all points and Avoid these Mistakes Before Going in Board Examination Hall, Then I Assure Your that your Exam Goes Good and You Get Good Marks In Your Board Exam. If You Really Like this Article Then Must Welcome To share Your Valuable feedback in The Comment Box. If have Any Question Related to study then Feel Free to Ask this In the Comment Box. I Hope Your Board Exams Goes Good and You Get very Good Marks in It.

     !!! THANK YOU !!! 

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