Become Game Developer ? Want to Code Your First Game

Games are the now part of our Lifestyle, Because of the Games you get Free From Stress and Fell Free after doing an Hard Work. As the Past years Games are Making Their Own Presence in Everyone Life. Games are not an Way for Entertainment but they also help in Skill development and making mind More Sharp and Smarter if you you Play the Games with Some Goal of Learning From Games. Gaming Industry is Growing Day by Day. Now the Gaming Industry is More Market Cap then the Music Industry.

how to become Game Developer after 12

As the Gaming Industry is Growing Day By Day the Scope and Future in this Industry also Growing, that’s why we think that why not we write an Post about this For you and Telling about the Whole Process of How to Code your First Game and How to Become Game Developer. Basically We try to Cover all the Points Regarding to this Topic in Brief.

Scope of Game Developers

As we have Seeing How the Popularity of Games are increases Day By Day and How this Industry Expanding. Many New Startups are Coming with their New Ideas and Making their Game Product as on of the Leading Product. Lets Take Example of Free Fire, 2-3 Years earlier from now, No more Know about this Game But after Pandemic Everyone Know this Game and Play it and This Company Making Millions of Dollar Revenue.

So the Question that What is Scope of Game Developers is totally Time waste Because the Scope of Game Developer is Very Bright and Good. The Think Required is Good Skill to Capture Good Opportunities.

Now Tells Understand The Process to How an Game Development Completed Steps by Step.

Steps To Develop Your Game :

If you Love Playing Games and Want to Develop your Own Games on your own unique idea then Must Follow the Steps Given Below :

Step 1. Write Your Idea 

You Play Making Videos Games and On the Basis of this You prepare Your Unique Game Idea and According to this Idea Your Game get Ready so on the place of only Remembering this Idea in your mind try to write this idea on an Paper and also try to Cover All the Point Related To Your Game like:
  • What is the Main Objective of your Game ?
  • What is an Unique Point in Your Game idea ?
  • Is Your Game is For Single Player or Multiple Players ?
  • What the Players Doing Actually in this Game ?
  • What is the Story and Emotions Behind the Game ?
  • What is The Best Combinations of Sound Effects and Graphics For Your Game Idea ?
  • Who is Your Targeted Audience {Mobile Users, Desktop, Both}

Step 2. Some Knowledge of Programming is Also Needed 

For Developing an Game Knowledge Of Some Basic Programming Language is Very Important and also Build Expertise in an Particular Programming Language For Higher Development. Most the Programming Language use for Game is Depend on Your Game Type.

Step 3. Which is Best Programming Language is Best For Your Game Idea ?

Basically the Programming after Getting Good Knowledge of Programming You Must Have To Understand that :
*Programming Language is Directly Proportional to Game Type*
With Knowing about Programming Language You must also Know about how to use Different Software, Frameworks and Libraries. If you are an Beginner in Coding and want to improve your Coding Skills then you can do it with different games like :
1. CodeMonkey
2. CodinGame
3. Flexboxfroggy
4. Flexbox Defense
5. CodeCombat
6. Code Hunt
Some Of The Best Programming Languages Used in Game Development are given Below :
1. C++
3. HTML5
4. Javascript
5. Python
6. Unreal Script
7. LUA
8. C#

Step 4. Chose your Game Engine for Your Game idea

Basically Game Engine is the Environment where you can add different function in your Game like Collision Management, Animation, Artificial Intelligence. Game engines Making an Dedicated Software Framework for your Game. There are Some Popular Game Engines are :
2. Game Maker Studio 2
3. Unreal 

Step 5. Get Ready For Game Design 

Now in this Step you have to clear Everything about your Game Design like is your Game is 2D, 3D, Quest or Boat Game. Make an Design Strategy for your Game idea.

Step 6. Make your Game Arts and Design 

After an Perfect Design Structure Make an Perfect Art and Designs for the Characters of your Games and the Environment and UI For Your Game. Because an Userful UI attract the Users and the Colurs, Shape, Font and Pattern Must Be Unique. For Making Amazing UI and 2D Assests You can Use the Tools like :
 1. Adobe Photoshop
 2. Sketch

Step 7. Use Best Audio For Your Game

Music or Audio is the Basic Element of an Game Which Make the game more Engaging and Useful for Users. Choice of an Perfect Audio Effect, Sound and Background Music is Very Important For an Game to get More Love from Plays Because After UI of the Game Audio is the Main Thing which is Mostly Attract Audience.

Step 8.  Testing of Game & Marketing

After Game is Made Successfully now the Time is to test the Performance of the Game so that Before the Publication you can fix all the Bugs of Game if their is any Present in the Game. After Testing Completed Successfully now the Time is to Public you game on Different Platforms like on your Website, Play Store, Apple Store and also Make Strategic Plan For Marketing.
Now I Hope you understand How you can Launch your Game Successfully in the Market. After this we cover the Step Through which you can Become an Successful Game developer.


How to Become a Game Developer After Class 12th in India

 India Becoming an Game Developer is an Big Deal But You have To Learn Different Skills and Master in Some Skills. Now tell Talk About the Educational Qualifications Required For Becoming an Game Developer in India.

Qualification :


  • B Tech, M Tech, BCA, MCA, Software Diploma Certification in Different Language {C++, C#, Python, Java, etc}
  • Game Design (In India approx 262 Colleges are Offering this Course)
  • Game Art [Diploma in 2D, 3D Art and VFX]

Skills Required :

1. Experience with Game Engines

2. Programming Languages (C++, C#, PYTHON, etc)


Conclusion : 

After Reading the Whole Article I hope You Get an Deep Knowledge Regarding to the Game Development and also know the Step by step process for How to Become Game Developer After Class in India after 12. if You Feel this Article Helpful then Make Sure to Share your Feedback in the Comment Section and Share this Post With Your Friends.

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