Formula To Become Topper in Board Exam : DAP

Hello Students, We Hope you are Good and persuading  your study with a great Motivation and consistency . In this Article we cover How to Become Topper in Your Board Exam, as well as we also give you Some Secret Tips Of Topper and tell you How much hours Toppers Study. So Read This Article Very Carefully.

how to become topper

Every Students of a Class Want to Become topper in their Board Exams, But Unfortunately their is Only One Seat For Topper its Simply Means Becoming To Topper is Very Tough Goal But No impossible If You are internally Motivated to work hard and to become topper then you will Be a Topper. 

When i was Also An Average student my goal is “Become Topper in Board” and Finally, I achieve my goal By working Very Hard and implementing Some Tips and Techniques, Which i am going To tell you Now.

What Is DAP Formula

The Full Form of DAP is Daily Action Plan. This Formula is Created by Me During Board exam Preparation Due This Formula I was Become the Topper in My class in Board Exam. Daily Action Plan Formula is very is Totally Time Management Formulawhich is based on proper Planning, as well as structuring your Every Day Study Schedule. With This You not only become topper, if you follow this formula In your everyday life Routine You can Achieve your any goal. DAP Means Your Daily action which you Perform Because Your “Action Make Result“, I see Most of the Student Only Making Plans and Time table but Not taking Any Actions. Now Tell us Understand How this formula Works and Useful in our Board Exam Preparation.

How DAP Formula Works

Daily Action Plan is Simply Time Table of Every Day, In Other Words Dividing a Macro Goals into Micro Goals. With the help of this You can achieve your Macro Goals by dividing them into Micro Goals and by achieving this micro goals you achieve your Main Goal. It means making the Distribution of a Big Work into small pieces which is also Called “Divide and Rule” Formula.

          In Mathematical Terms:
                 DAP = X*Mini Goals = Time Table for 24 Hours
For Example :- Let’s Us Consider That Your goal is to get 95 percent marks in class12th board exam then your main motive is to make Mini and Macro Goals, Like First, 

  1. Make Goal For 1Day Study Plans and Syllabus.
  2. Make Goal For 7Day Study Plans and Syllabus.
  3. Make Goal For 30Day Study Plans and Syllabus.

How To Make DAP 

Making this Your Daily Action Plan is simply Defining your Full Day Records means When what You Do. Simple writing your Per Work which you have To Perform from Morning To Night And Defining{Mentioning} an Particular Time For Particular Time. For Better Understanding lets us Take An Example.

Making An Demo DAP For A Student:-

           Timing                                           Work

  5Am-6Am                                      Awak-up, Fresh

  6Am – 6:30Am                          Formula Revision

  6:30Am – 7Am                                  Break Fast

  8Am – 9Am                                        Physics 

  9Am – 10Am                                     Chemistry

  11Am – 12Am                                     Lunch Break

  12Am – 1Pm                                        English 

  1Pm – 2pm                    Rest/Sleep/Power Nape

  2Pm – 4Pm                                     Mathematics

  4Pm – 5Pm                             Physical Education

  5Pm – 6Pm                                         Cricket Time

  6Pm – 7Pm                                 Formula Revision

  7Pm – 8Pm                      Physics Paper Solving

   8Pm – 9Pm                                              Dinner

   9Pm – 10Pm                  Chemistry Paper Solving

   10Pm – 11Pm                 Math Paper Solving

  11Pm – 5Am                                    Night Sleep

        !!This is only an Imaginary DAP of an Board Exam Aspirant !!

Features of  DAP 

Making DAP is Not a Big Deal But Follow this Consistently and Regularly is a Big Deal. Many of the student making their DAP of Every day But They Do not Follow this at the end of the Day. Now Let us Discuss Some Most important Feature of this Formula.


As we know that Consistency is a key of success. For Getting good result from this formula you have to follow this formula regularly without any postpone. In starting make the schedule easier so that you can easily achieve it Everyday in starting. First make a commitment for 21day regular follow the formula because it this a rule of psychology that if you can follow an habit for a time period of 21 days then this habit is like part of your everyday life. Mostly try to make the schedule adaptable in starting so that you easily You achieve your daily goals. Always Remember in starting every work is hard But you have to Quite. 
                       !! Never Give Up!!

2. Write Everyday DAP

For getting good result of this Formula you have to make your Plans Daily. Because one day hard and Study do not make you topper. By writing everyday Action plan first you manage your everyday time as well as you give a signal to your mind that you have to achieve today’s Goal you have write, which 

Compelled your mind to take action for the achievement of the goal, Their is an also An Psychological Fact that when you write any work then the chance to completing this work is increased. So always be sure that write your everyday Schedule. 

3. List Building

List Building is Simple Means Making everyday Time Table for study so that you time is managed and you do not waste time on Distractions like Wasting time on Smart Phone, Watching Tv, Playing Video Games, etc. For Doing this be sure to use an dedicated daily for this particular work. Make sure that you write you tomorrow Time table in todays night before sleep or Tomorrow in morning after awak-up. List Building is very Basic Rule of Time Management. List Building also Improves your Time Management Skill and make your time Productive and Effective.

 4. Micro Improvement 

This this the most Biggest advantage of this Amazing formula that, Which the help of this formula you can improve your self Everyday this Formula give you knowledge of your weakness as well as your strength. By improving Yourself Everyday, one day you Become Pro in Your Field you are Working.
also With the help of this technique you can transform your weakness into your Your Strength, so that Always Remember one thing that “Improvement Makes you Better Everyday“. 

5. Track Your Action

Everyday at Night Before Sleep check your every day Performance and Give Remark to yourself.
In some simple works you can say that Be Teacher of Yourself and Make the Performance Better and Better Everyday. For Example : Lets us assume that their are total 10Task for today then at night check and mark them with number that how many task you completed and How many you are not completed and Why you not complete this, after this check How much marks you get your day.
In Mathematical terms:
Today Total Task = 10
Today Total completed Task{Out of 10 }= 7
Total task Not Completed Today {Out of 10} = 3
Your Today Efficiency = 7/10 
                                      = 0.7 {70% in Terms of Percentage}
So Be sure to make your to improve your efficiency Everyday and Make Analytics of your Action Result. In other Words “Make Your Action Result“.


We wish that these Article is very Helpful in Your Exam preparation and get Amazing Result in your Preparation. if you like these post and this post is helpful for you then make sure to comment your feedback and Suggestions for us. I pray to god that they give you potential to work hard for your Dream and Achieve it with your Hard Work.
   !! Wishing You All The Best !!

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