How an BCA Student Prepare For Placement

Placement the First Query of Any Students During taking admission in an College, Actually Most of the Student Thinks that College give them Placement, According to their Mindset an College having Good Placement Records Can only the Way to get an Higher Placement After Completing their Graduation[BCA], But Unfortunately this Thought is Totally Wrong Because College Never Give you Placement, Meanwhile Your Placement is Totally Depend on your Skills and Knowledge. College is the Only like a Platform which give you an Opportunity to Show Your Skills and Take Placement as High as you want depend on your skill and Knowledge.

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So Today in this Post we are Going to Discuss Some Tips To Get an Higher Placement After Completing Your BCA Degree. So Lets Start the Discussion With Some Points

5 Tip To Get Higher Placement After BCA

As you know that BCA is an Technical Course and Most of the Companies Coming in your College for Hiring is Mostly from IT Industry so for this you getting Hired you have to Follow this Some Points.

1. Coding skills and Digital Marketing Knowledge

Now in Today’s World Every Companies Want Trained and Skillful Employees So that they don’t want to Spend More Money in the Training of New Employees that’s Why Mostly the Companies Hired the guys who have Enough Skills of their Field.

2. Working Experience

Every Company Always wants to hire the Guy who have Some Market Experience and Working Experience in Their Particular Field. The Chance of Hiring an Graduate who worked on Some Projects or Completed any Internship in any Company During the Last Round of Placement. As the Work Experience is Increases the Value and Salary of an Employee is also Increases in IT Companies.Saying Working Exposure is not only means with Doing Job or Internship Certification, it Means to Working Knowledge Means How to work in IT industry, Skill Development With Requirement.

3. Highly Definition Resume

Saying Highly Definition Resume Means, Your Resume Contain all the Information Regarding You and Your Skills which an Recruiter wants, so that he easily Understand Your Potential and Your Chances to Getting High Placement may get Increases. Mostly What i see Students Make their Resume like an Collection of their Certificates and Degree, But They Never Mention More About Their ownself like their Skills, Knowledge,etc.

4. Learn Some Corporate Skills 

Every Industry Have their own set of Skills which Mostly Required for Working in this Industry, Such as For an BCA Students they have to Adopt Some Corporate Skills like :
  • Good Communication Skills
  • Personality and Behaviour Development {Body Launguage}
  • Work From Home
  • Better Cooperation Skill

5. Focus To Develop One Master Skill

In this Evolving Digital Era Every IT Companies Want to Hire Highly Professional Employee, so if you are an BCA Graduate and Want To Acquire an Good Placement Then First Try to Master any Skills. Develop an Expertise in an Skill Excepting Some Knowledge in Every Field Because Now a Days Every IT Forums are Hiring the Guys who have Expertise in any Demanding Skill.


I Hope After Reading This Article May Know any Idea about “How To Prepare For Placement ” and i Also tell you the 5 Basic Tips To Get High Placement during your Placement Session, so if you Really Feel that this Post Help you then May Sure To Share this Post with your Classmates, College Friends and Comment your Feedback in the Comment Box Because Your Comments are Energies me to Write More and More Useful Articles For You.

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