How can we interact with students in Digital Education Era

Today the Time is Changing Periodically, Everyday Evolution of New Technologies are Coming, New Technologies Create their Affect in Every Sectors. In Recent 2-3 Years The Generation Of New Technologies are Transforming the Indian Education System from old Traditional Education System to an Modern Practical Education and Skill set System of Learning.

How can we interact with students in digital education?

Many New Initiative are Take By the Indian Government To Make the Youth of India Skillful and Job Creator Mindset not only Job Seeker through process. Now a days every Organisation Focus on Work from home and Train their Employees.

Every Colleges and Schools Now a Days Taking their Classes Online. There are Different Ways to Interact with Students Online. 

Methods to Interact with Students in this Digital Education Era ?

Today there are Various Way are Available for Teachers To Get Interact with their Students in This Modern Education System today every Student have Smartphone which may help them to Interact with their Teachers from anywhere anytime, whenever they want to Learn Something new. Some of the Most Used Method we cover through which the Teachers in India are Interacting with their Students to teach them. 

  • ZOOM Classes :

Zoom is one the most used application by the students and Teachers for Taking Online classes and Also in various Corporate Sectors for Various Meetings and Online Webinars. In Indian approx 95% teachers and Students are Using Zoom for their online lectures.

  • YOUTUBE Videos :

Some of the Schools also Started their Official Youtube Channels For Running Their Online Classes So that They Can easily Interact With their Students. Through this lectures students can also Revise their Concepts whenever he wants to Revise.

Different option to Connect with Students :
  1. Videos
  2. Live Streaming / Live Videos
  3. Community 
  • Online Forums :

Many of the Big Colleges and Organisation Make their Own Platforms like they make their website where they can take live Webinars and also Create their Own Telegrams and Group groups for Informing any Notice like my College, My College make an Whats’app group in which they Post and Information and Notice of College.
  • Google Meet :

Google Meet is Also an Good and Trusted App To take Online Classes and Meetings. Many Big Organisations and Universities are Using this Application For Conducting Their Online Seminars and Fests. Our College also Uses this Application For How Career Counseling Sessions. So if you are an Teacher then You Definitely try this App.

Transformation is Going on Every Sector Transforming them to make their System Automation and Risk free similarly Education Sector Also Transforming themself from Old Model of Study to New Study Pattern to make the Students more Skilled and Employable. 

Conclusion : 

Hope the Methods we tell you this Post are Helps you in Interacting with Students. so if you Really fell this Article Useful then Come in the Comment box and Share your Feedback. 

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