How To Avoid Mobile Addiction : 5 Proven Ways To Phone Control Addiction

Mobile is Now Become Part Of Every Living Being From Children To Grandfather. As the Use and Awareness of Smart Phones Expands Their Addiction Among People Also increases Exponentially day by day. Now Every Student Have Their Own Smartphones mostly Give by their Parents For Studies. According to a Survey it is Found that an Common Person touch their Phone Screen 2617 Times Per day and Average an Person Use 3hours 15Min their Phone Per Day.

How to control Mobile Addiction
Now the Most Important question is “How to Control Mobile Addiction”. Today Most of the Students are get Addicted with Mobile phones. They Use Mobile Continuous For Long Period of Which May Affect their Mental and Physical Health. 

What Happen If You Can not Control Your Mobile Phone Addiction 

There are Many Harmful Effect Of Mobile Phone Addiction on our Health and Mind. Many of Students are get Worried From Their Habit of using the smart phone for long Time Duration. There are many Side-effects of Mobile phones usages.

1. Decreases Quality of Conversation 

Due to More usages of Mobile Phones Student Get Disconnected from the Real Society they get Attracted to Social Media and Visual Communication on the place of Real Mouth to Mouth Communication. More Use of Smartphones Make Students introvert, due to which their Quality of Conversation also get Affected. Mobile Addiction May Decreases the Conversation Quality.

2. Shorts Term Memory Lose

A huge Use Of Mobile Phones Make Your Memory Volatile and Temporary. Most Of the People Fell Short Term Memory Lose Due to their Habit of Using Mobiles Continuously For Many Hours. More use of Phones Decreases the Power of Mind to Remember the Information.

3. Causes Stress and Depression

Addiction Of Mobile phones Make The person Lonely and They Also get Depressed due to more use of Phones. Now a Days Most of the Students are Get Stressed Due their Bad Habit of Using the Mobile Phones Every Time.

4. Sleeping Disorder and Increases Obesity

Today Everyone who are working on Computer System, Most of Them are an Patient of Sleeping Disorder. Now a Days Human get Engaged in Visual World like Social Media, they do not time to Take proper Sleep Due to which their Concentration also get Affected. Obesity is Now not only problems of More Age peoples But Now an Small kids who are Addicted with Mobiles Also have the Problem of Obesity.

5. Emotional Recovery 

Addiction of Phones also Get Affect Their Emotions. Now people are like a Robot their Emotions are Depend on Likes, Dislikes, etc not on the Situation.  High Use Make Imbalancement in Hormones Secretion Why By Default Affected the Emotional Coordination. 

Proven Ways To Control Mobile Addiction

Now Let us know about the Most Proven Method and Ways to Control your Mobile Phone Usages. All the ways we Discuss to Control The Phone Addiction is Very Effective. 

1. Set one Day in a Week When you are Away From Using Mobile Phone and that day try to Spend your Time with your Family and Nature.

2. Use a 30 Day Experiment to Reset Your Usages.

3. Use Application Related To Self Control Which may Boost Your Productivity.

4. Don’t Charge Your Smart Phone Near Your Bed.

5. Change Your Smartphone Settings {Put The Wallpaper Related to Mobile Addiction Which Give Signal To Your Mind To less Use Mobile.}

6. Don’t Use the Phone At time When You are Going To Sleep.

7. Try to Ignore Notifications of Social Media Applications.

8. Don’t Use the Phone Continuously for  Very  Long .

9. Don’t Use the Smartphone During Charging or During self Study.

10. Use Proper Tracking Sheet and Mention the Time you wasting on the phone daily without any work.

Conclusion :

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