How to Become a Cloud App Developer After 12

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How to Become Cloud app Developer After 12th

What is Cloud App Development?

In simple words, cloud app development is to develop cloud base applications. In that, you need to build different types of software and cloud programs to live your application. In recent years cloud app development is going to rise very quickly, currently, in the year 2022, the cloud industry is about 150 billion US dollars. Currently, the three types of cloud apps available are
SaaS, IaaS, and PaaS.

Cloud app development is a lengthy process as an average developer takes 500- 600 hours to make a cloud application. But sometimes this number will go to more than 1200 hours, depending on the task. Now let us get info about what is the requirement to become a cloud app developer.

Requirements to become a cloud app developer

You need to follow the below requirements to become a cloud developer.
● First, you need to be a professional in any one programming language such as Python,
Java, JavaScript, PHP, etc.
● You must have networking skills and knowledge.
● Must know about cloud structures and basics and have a little bit of knowledge about
how to set it up.
● Having some ideas about Software development and app development.
These are the minimum requirements for becoming a cloud app developer. Now let us
understand how to become a cloud app developer after the 12th.

How to Become a Cloud App Developer After 12

You need to follow The below steps to become a Cloud app developer after the 12th standard.
● Firstly you need to pass out your class 12th standard with mandatory PCM and subject
and with good marks.
● Then you need to get a bachelor’s degree in a technical field. Its probability takes up to 4
to 6 years depending on you.
● Then you need to enroll in a cloud app developer course that you can access from a
reputable college or institute.
● Then you need to become a master in any programming language such as python or PHP, depending on which language you prefer.

● After that, you can work on the cloud base programs and gather experience while
working that helps you in the future.
Then you need to prepare your resume as a cloud developer with your proper certificate and working ideas, also you can include your past recent work that helps you work together very quickly. Now in your mind, a question has arisen how much cost will be required to become a cloud app developer, Let’s Reveal it.

Cloud app development cost and Time.

After successfully becoming a cloud app developer a lot of clients will approach to develop their
cloud application, so you should know about it.
An average time to make a Cloud App is about 500 to 600 hours and it costs around $15,000/-
Only. But in some cases it takes more than 1000 hours and also the cost can increase
depending on the work and your quality. But if you don’t want to become a freelancer or self-employed then a Job opportunity is also available, and that salary is enough to manage your life.

Salary of a Cloud App Developer

The salary of a cloud app developer depends on region to region. But as in India, the average
salary of a cloud app developer is starting from 3.5 Lakhs rupees to 27 lakh rupees per annum.
It depends on your work quality and your ability to perform it. While working you can also do
freelancing as a secondary earnings source.


Cloud app development is one of the hardest and most profitable Career options, if you have an interest in coding and cloud development then you must know that this is also an opportunity. Cloud app development has a lot of future scopes as well because currently maximum applications are running on the cloud servers and they need a cloud app developer to manage the demand. This will be very hard. As per the survey and reports the cloud app development industry will reach more than 160 billion dollars by the end of 2023. If you have any questions Regarding that you can ask in the comment section we resolve them.

FAQs :

How much time does it take to become a cloud app developer after the 12th?

Ans. After Passing out class 12th you need to do and get a bachelor’s degree that takes up to 4 years, and then you need to get the cloud app development course from a famous institute. Overall it takes 5 to 6 years depending on the college.

What is the average salary of a cloud app developer?

Ans. The salary of a cloud app developer depends on the quality and ability of the work done by the developer. But especially in India, an average salary of a cloud app developer is starting from Rs. 3.5 Lakhs to Rs. 27 lakhs per annum.

Does cloud app development need coding?

Ans. Yes, you must know about the programming languages and have mastery of one Coding Language such as python, PHP, etc. You must be a coder to learn about cloud app Development.

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