How To Become Blockchain Developer After 12th

Everyday New Technologies are Evolving and Most of the Sectors are Updating their Working Structure and Securities. Blockchain is also an Type Technology which is invented to Make Secure Transation of Cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, Due to the Security Features of this Technology their Uses are get Evolved and Now it is Used in Building Highly Advanced and Responsive Websites of Different Sectors and Industry.

How to Become Blockchain Developer after 12th


Sectors Using Blockchain as an Technology in their Projects are :

  • Banking & Financial Sectors 
  • Automobiles 
  • Real Estate 
  • Stocks Trading
  • Healthcare
  • Retails and Consumer Goods
  • Telecommunication 
  • Government Authorities


Why Blockchain is Going More Famous Day By Day ?

There are Many Features of Blockchain Technology which making this Technology as an Fundamental technology of Different Sectors of Business. List of some of the Features which makes this Technology more Useful and Reliable are as Follow.
  • High Transparency
  • Enhance Security
  • Cost Effective
  • Improve Speed
  • True Trustability

Who are BlockChain Developers and Their Scope ?

People Know about Block-chain Development and Making Projects using Blockchain technology and know the Fundamentals of this Technology and Understand the Working Structure of Blockchain Technology are Mostly Known as Blockchain Developer. Due to the High Demand of this Technology in Every Organisation the Scope this Technology Learners are Increasing everyday and Mostly the Salary of an Blockchain Developer is Much more High as Compare to other Web Developers and App Developers.

Types of Blockchain Developer : 

Mostly their are two types of Blockchain Developer are Present in Market, Which are As Follows :
1. Core Blockchain Developer
The Main Work of this Type Developer is to Designed the Security and Architecture of Whole Blockchain System and Creating Boundation. The Main Responsibilty of this Developers is to Protect the Organisation From Cyber Attacks, Designing Blockchain Protocol and Network Architect and Make Superwish Entire Network.
2. Blockchain Software Developer
They Makes Decentralised Apps Using this Core Web Architecture. As a Software Blockchain Developer your Main Responsibility is to Develop Smart Contract and Supervision of Full Stack of Running their D-apps, Design Frontend For D-apps and Making them More Attractive and Responsive For Users.
Steps To Become Blockchain Developer


Steps To Become an Blockchain Developer ?

Step 1. Prepare Your Academic Background
To Become an Professional Developer you Must Have to Strong Academic Background IT and Computer Science. You Must Prepare Your Basics Through Different Courses Related To CS and Programming and You May Take Admission in Courses Like B.Tech, BCA, etc For Building Your Academic Background Strong in Computer Algorithm.
Step 2. Improve Technical Skills
Attend Different Workshops and Training Programs to Improve your Skills and Become More Professional. List of Some Most Basic and Advanced Technical skill are Given Below :
  • Data Structures {Linked List, Binary Tree, Graphs, Hashing}
  • Fundamental Knowledge of Computer Networking
  • Programming Languages {OOPs, Java, C++, Python}
  • Crypto Graphy {Digital Signatures, Hash Functions}
  • Web Designing and Development
Step 3. Understand the Basics and Cryptonomics of  Blockchain Technology
Understanding the Working of Blockchain is Very important to Become an Professional Developer, and also Know about the Blockchain Architecture, Distributed Ledger Technology, Hash Functions. To Become Master in This Concept you can take From Different Online and Offline Tutorials.
Cryptonomics : Understand the Economics Of Cryptocurrency
Step 4. Get Knowledge About D-Apps and Ethereum
D-App Means Decentralized Applications which are Developer on Ethereum Blockchain. Ethereum is one of Open Source Decentralised Blockchain Network which Provide as an Platform to Make Smart Contract and D-Apps.
Step 5. Get Experience 
For Becoming An Highly Professional Developer Get Experience About the Fundamentals of  Blockchain Development and Sound Knowledge of Technical Skills. To Get More Experience Start Writing Your Smart Contract and Developing Your Own D-Apps. For Better Knowledge And Experience From Different Experts You Can Apply Different Interships and Training Programs.
Step 6. Select The Option Of Certification 
To Get An High Package in An Organisation as Block chain Developer Must Complete Important Certification Related to Blockchain Development. Some Of This Certification are as Follow :
  • IBM Blockchain Certification
  • Certified Blockchain Solution Architect {CBSA}

Top 10 Blockchain Companies Of INDIA

After Getting an Brief Information and Understanding The Scope and Process To Become the Block chain Developer, Lets Know About Some of  Blockchain Development Companies Of India Giving High Packages of 5 to 30lacks Per Annum to The Students After Knowing the Potential Of an Students are Given Below:
  1. Hyperlink Infosystem
  2. Accenture
  3. Infosys
  4. Fueled
  5. Capgemini India Private Limited
  6. Tata Consultancy Services (TCS)
  7. Zensar Technogies
  8. Tech Mahindra
  9. WlliowTree Apps
  10. HData Systems

Conclusion :

We are Sure that after Reading the Full Post Carefully you Get an Brief Idea About “How to Become An Blockchain Developer after Completing you Class 12th” and you also understand the Basic Skills Required. So if you Really Get help from our Post Make sure to Share this Post with your Friends and if you have any Doubt Regarding to this Topic then Ask your Doubt in the Comment Box.

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