How to Become Web Developer After BCA

To Become an Web Developer, First of All Lets Understand The Topic Web development. In the Simple Terms Web Development is Means Making Website with the Help of Different Programming Languages. Basically the Website and Web Browser which we use in our Mobile Phones are Developed by an Web Developer.

How to Become Web Developer After BCA

Types Of Web Developer

Mostly There are Two Types are Web Developer are Found In Market, Which Are Follow as :
  1. Front End Web Developer
  2. Back End Web Developer

The Work of an Front End Developer is the Make Front Side of an Website. In Otherwords They Make the User Side of an Website. Mostly The Images,Colors, Text we See on the Website is Basically Made by an Front End Developer. Similarly the Back End Developers are Responsible For the Functionality and Responsiveness of the Website. Mostly The Main Task of an Back End Web Developer is Database Handling and Management, Data Filteration, etc. So if you Learn Both Front End and Back End Development then they are Known as Full Stack Web Developer.

Skills Required To Learn Web Development 

Some Basic Skills you must have Develop if you Really Want to Become an Full Stack Web Developer.
The Most Fundamental Skills You must have to Understand and Develop to learn the Web Developement and Become an Professional Developer.

  1. Hyper text Mark-Up Language (HTML)
  2. Javascript
  3. CSS

From this Skill you can Start Making Simple {Normal} Websites, But if you want to build an Professional High Level Advanced and Quick Responsive Websites then you have to develop some more Advances Skills like :

  • GIT
  • GIT Hub

Frameworks and Libraries : 

  • Angular
  • React
  • Vue
  • Express.js
  • Django

Some Important Programming Languages You must Learn to Become an Web Developer are :

  • Python
  • Java
  • Javascript
  • Node.js
how to become web developer after bca
How To Become Full Stack Web Developer After BCA Course
After Completing BCA Course you have to Master the Skills which are mostly used for Web Development and Start Working on Projects without any Delay and also May Sure to Improve you Skills Day by Day. The Scope of an Developement and Career Options in this Field is Very Good so Without Wasting your Time on Researching About the scopes Of this Field start Learning the Skills and Get Works From Freelancing Sites and Get Experience With Practical Knowledge.
In Present time BCA is one of the Best Courses for Students Want to Build their Career in IT Sector, Because in this course you study about the programming Languages and Also get knowledge how the Programming language helps us to solve general problems an how much this Programming Language is Important in IT industry.
Now Every IT Company Wants Web Developers in their Organisation so the Point of Scope is totally Negotiable if you have good Knowledge of Programming Languages then there are a lot of Good Companies will give you high placement.

Conclusion :

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