How To Get 90 Percent in Class 12 : CBSE 2022

Mostly Every Students Want to Get 90+ in Their Board Exams and He Always Search For The Tips and Tricks For “How To Get 90 percent in Their Class 12th Board Exams“. But Some Of students do not Achieve Their Goal Because They Always Searches For Tips not focus on working Hard in Study. Many Students are Working Hard For getting good Marks But They do not Get good marks in their Board Exams, Because they do not know the Right Strategy to get Good Marks in Class 12th Board Exams.

How to get 90 percent in class12
Getting Good Marks in Board Exams is not Very Difficult, But knowing an perfect strategy is very Important. Now in this Post I am Going to Tell you Some Tips Through Which You Can perform good in your Board Exams and get 90+ in class 12th Board Exam. 

5 Secret Tips To Score 90% in Class 12th Board Exams

Only Knowing Tips, Tricks, Strategies is not Important For Getting Good Marks But the Most Important factor for Getting Good Results is To Follow this Tips. Today In this Post I am Going to Share Some Tips through which I get 90+ in My Board Exams. I can Assure You That, if You follow This Tips Consistently then You sure Get Awesome Result.

1. Everyday Time Table 

To Getting Good Marks is Very Easy But for this You have to Work hard with smartness, Because in Today’s world only working hard is not Important But Working with Smartness is Also as Much Important as working Hard. Now Smartness in Study means Simple Makes you Time Productive.
Less Time  =  More Efficiency = High Productivity
When you Make Plan For Everyday then you make you mind focused and Away from Distractions, Making Everyday Planning And Schedule Makes you time Organized through which your time do not waste and you also increases your Efficiency and Productivity. So During Board Examination preparation your time is very Important so don’t Waste your time, and the most effective method to make your time more Result Oriented is Make Everyday DAP{Daily Action Plan}.

2.Make Tracking Sheet

To Get Good Result in Your Board Exams try to Improve your performance Everyday During Board Exam Preparation. The Best Way to Improve Your Performance During Board Exam is Analysis of our everyday Activities. When You Make Tracking Sheet then you simple see that where your time goes, What you do, Due to which your Time Do not Goes Waste. Always Try to Make your Tracking Sheet During Board Exams. Making Tracking Sheet Means Simple Writing your Every Day Works What you Want To do and then At the End of the Day Check your Sheet that How Many Work You have Done and How Many You Not Do and Give Marks According To your Progress.
For Example: You Decided to do 10 works Today But at The End Of the Day You have Do only 5 from them. Simple Tick that Works And Give Remark to Yourself likes 5 out Of 10 in this Case.
Improvement Rate = Effectivity of  Day 2 – Effectivity of  Day 1 

        !! Track, Analyze, Improve !!

3. Written Revision

If you Really Want To get 90percent in your Boards then Always Remember one Thing In your Mind, During Board Exams Preparation Try Do Written Revision on the Place Of Learning Or Revise in Mind. Because This is Very Secret Strategy To Remember Any Concept Or Topic For Longer Duration of time. So when every you Revise any Topic make Sure to write this Topic on the Notebook Because you know In Board examination It do not Matter What You Know How much You Know In Board Exam Only One Thing Is Matters That is what you Have write in Your Answer sheet. So Always Focus To Written Revision.
 !! Revise with Hand, Not in Mind, Get More Marks!!

4. Motivation

As we that to doing any work Motivation is very important Similarly For Consistent Hard study motivation is also Important. When you are motivated then you are ready to work harder and harder but day by day your motivation level goes Down so always Trying to motivate yourself Through Videos, Audios, Books, etc. When you Feel very Demotivated Then always think about your Goal and Think what Happens in your life after this Hard Work which Motivate You Internally. So Always Motivated To Work hard.
!! Motivation : Dreams : Internally Motivated !! 

5. Practice Makes Man Perfect

One Day of Hard Work Never Make You Successful. Regular Practice and Consistent Hard work makes a Man Perfect So For Getting Good Makes in Your Class 12th Board Exams you Have To work Hard with Consistency. So the Most Important Tip during Board Exam preparation is Regular Practice So Revise Formula Mantra Regularly and Solve Sample Paper on Regular Basis. To Get Good marks in Board Exam always Focus and Try to written Practice or If you are Revise any Topic then Also Try To written it on the Notebook and Try to Solve More Sample Papers And Model Test Papers During Your Board Preparation.
!! Practice Makes Man Perfect !!


Now On Completing this post I Hope and Assure you that If you Guys Follows this Tips on Regular Basis and Work Hard Then You Sure Get 90+ percent In your Class 10th and 12th Board Exams. I Wish you guys Perform your Best in your Board exams. If You Really Like This Tips then Make Sure To Share Your Valuable Feedback In Comment Section.
!! Thank You !!

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