How to Learn C Programming Language Easily

C Programming is one of the Most Useful and Basic for an Student or an Guy who is interested in Learn Coding and Make their Future in IT industry, So if you are Really Interest to know about the Future of C Language, Uses of C Programming as well as Step To follow to Learn C Language Easily then Read this Full article without any Distraction. In this Post we Discuss Every Aspect of C Programming.

How to learn C Programming
C is one of the Fundamental, Basic and More than 50 years Older Language, Most of the Coding Aspirants Start their Journey From C Programming. There are Various Reasons due to which this Language behind the Popularity of this Language. Now let’s See Some of the Advantages and Causes Behind the Acceptance of C Language.

Advantages of Learning C Language :

  • This Language is Middle level Versatile language.
  • Execution Time of C language is very low.
  • High level languages like (Javascript, Python, java )can Easily Interface with C.
  • After Learning C, it is very Easy to learn Other Languages.
  • it is Low Level Access to Memory
  • This Programming Language Consist of Simple set of Keywords and Clean Style Features which make this for Compilers Development.
  • C Language is an Process Oriented Language, Its Function and Working is Mostly Depend on Algorithm and Procedures not on Data.
  •  C supports Early Binding only.
  • There is NO Default  Arguments are available in C Programming.
  • In C language Memory Management is Done through Build-in Function like : malloc; Calloc, realloc, free.
  • Function overloading is not Possible in C


Uses Of C Language :

C is used for the Development of Different Types of Applications, Software, Operating Systems, Compilers, Extensions and Many More. Some Of the Major Use of the C Language are Given Below :
  1. Systems Applications
  2. Desktop Applications
  3. Adobe Applications
  4. Embedded Systems
  5. Browsers
  6. Extensions
  7. Operating Systems
  8. MySQL Databases
  9. 3D Animations

Future of an C Programmer 

Due to The Various Unique Features of C language Beating this Language is Very Tough and Difficult for anyone and Importance of an Programmer is Always High so their is Nothing to worry about the Future of C language Because the Demand and Scope this Language is very high.


Steps To Learn C Language :

In starting of Coding Journey Every Student is Feared From C language Because they Make their mindset that C Programming is very Difficult to understand but in Reality it is Totally Wrong. Now i am going to tell you the Most and Best Simplest Step to Learn the C.
  1. Understand the Fundamental Concepts
  2.  Learn About Different Types of Variables, Data Types, Operators.
  3.  Proper Understanding of Control Flow Statement, Conditional Statements, Loops and Jump Statements. With Good Knowledge in this Topic You must Need to Proper Practice and Making Programs is Also Comes in this step.
  4. Understand About the Function{User defined, standard library functions, Functions Prototypes, Function Calling} of C and Their Working Structure.
  5. Make Yourself in Some Concepts Like Array, String Handling, Pointers, Structures, Unions, Dynamic Memory Allocation, Linked List, File Management, Processor, etc.
  6. Practice As Must as you can, Make New Programs Everyday and For Better Concept Clearness Tech this Concept to someone in your House or Your Friends Community.
You can Learn C language in two ways that is Offline through Degree course and the next way is Self Study. For Self Study We Recommend Some Study Materials For Better Understand of C in Free.
Books For Learning C Language are :
  • C Programming Absolute Beginner’s Guide Written By Greg Perry and Dan Miller
  • Head First C : A Brain Friendly Guide By Griffiths David’s
  • C Programming Language {2nd Edition} By C Brain W. Kernighan’s

Online Courses Of Different Platforms :

  • Udemy’s : C Programming : Master the Basics
  • Coursera : Introduction to Programming in C
  • Udemy’s : Quickstart Guide For C Programming
Some Good Youtube Channels For Learning C :
  • Code With Harry
  • Ws Cube Tech
  • Jenny’s Lectures CS/IT NET&JRF
  • Apna College
  • Learn Coding

Some Best Mobile Apps For Learning C Programming :

There are Many Platform for Learning C Programming But Mostly They are Paid Or Access only on Desktop, Below we Shared 11 Applications Name which are one of the Best Application For Learning C free of Cost and Also Practice as well Communicate With Experts of the Fields.
  1. Sololearn
  2. Programming Hub
  3. Pluralsight
  4. Enki
  5. Learn Programming
  6. Codehub
  7. Codeacademy Go
  8. Mimo
  9. Udemy
  10. Coursera
  11. Linkedin Learning

Conclusion :

Learning any Programming Language is Quick Easy But an Proper Guidance are Required with We Cover in this Post, we hope this post will definitely help you a lot in understanding the Steps and Strategy to Learn C From Base to Advance. We Aspect you definitely share this post with your Friends and let me your feedback in Comment Box.

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