How to Learn Formula in 5 Seconds : Formula Mantra

Mostly, I seen that During Board Exam Preparation Every Student is afraid about How to learn Formula, Because They think that learning formula is very Difficult and they can not do it, But My dear CBSE Aspirants Learning any Formula is very Easy if you know the Correct Way to learn and Remember it for longer Periods. 

So this article is Basically Dedicated for all the CBSE Aspirants, Who Mostly Ask Many Questions Related to this Topic Like How Remember Mathematics formula, Tips and Techniques to learn any formula, etc. To doing every Work their is Two Ways, In which One of them is Hard Way and Another is Simple Way to do this. Without knowing the Right technique you feel Every work hard But After knowing the Right Technique this Work Becomes Simple And Easy.

How to Learn Formula

Similarly, In study Their is Two aspect of think about a Problem Just like many student are very afraid about learning formula and they very Negative For their Exams Because they think that they can not learn Formula, Where as Other Student Who are of Positive Mindset They Practice Formula Everyday and Try to Remember it and Most Probably they Learn Their formula before Their Exams.

Now Today I am Telling you an Amazing Secret Trick To learn Any Formula. This is An Psychologic Formula So for getting result You have To Follow this Technique Regularly With Consistency, Because “Consistency Is a Key Of Success“. This Formula Help many Students During Their Board Exam Preparation and All of them Get Very good Result From this Formula. 
Basically I made This Formula During My Board Exam Preparation, Actually my Remembering Capacity Is Very Low, Due To this Reason I Can Not Remember the Formulas For Long Time. This Formula Is Named As “Formula Mantra“. Now Tell Us this this and Understand this Formula.

What Is Formula Mantra?

Formula Mantra is Basically an Technique To Revise The Whole Syllabus Within Few Minutes. In Simple Word Formula Mantra is Simple An Dictionary of Formula. Simple It is Like a Book Of Formulas. It Contain All Formulas From All Chapters Of a subject. It is simply an Solution of searching Formula from the Books and Notes. Mostly Formula Mantra Is Made For a Whole Subject. Basically We can Say That Revision of One Formula Mantra Means Revision of One Subject.
In Mathematical Terms:
Revise Physics Formula Mantra Of Class 12th = Revision Of Whole Physics Of a Class12th 

How To Make Formula Mantra.

Making Formula Mantra is Very Simple and Easy. Simply To make the Formula Mantra You Have To Write all the Formulas Of a Subject on One Paper. Now I am Tell You the Steps For “How To Build an Formula Mantra For Class 12th Physics”.
Step 1: Take An Black Chart paper / White Blank Calendar
Step 2: Collect All The Important Concept Key Point And Formulas From All Chapters of that Subject. 
Step 3: Write All Formulas Chapter-wise 
Step 4: Paste this Chart paper on the Wall of your Study Room.
*Try To Use Different Color Pens For Different Chapter and Try To Write Every Chapter In Small area*

Six Important Key Of Formula Mantra.

Basically there are 6 most Important Key points of Formula Mantra which you have to Remember and Implement Due making the Formula Mantra, which are Follow As:

1. Write All Formula & Concept Key Points.

The Most important to make an Formula Mantra is to collect all the Formulas and Every Concept Key Points from every chapters of a Subject. Try to collect More and More Technical Term of the Chapter. Be sure to collect all small and Small important Concept From the Chapter. Collect Important Formulas and Concepts from 
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  • Sample papers
  • Previous Year Papers
  • Notes and Books
  • Assignments 
  • DPPs

After Collecting all Formulas and Key points Of Concepts. Write it on the Chart Paper.

2. Must Write In Your Own Language.

Mostly I see that most of the students write Same to same Formula from the book Due to which they do not learn the formula for long time. Always Try to Write the formula in your own language not in the Language of Book. When You Write The formula in your Language, Then During the Revision time you Imagine the Concept Behind This Formula. The Next Advantage of writing the formula in your own language is, It Improve Your Remembering Capacity.

3. Always Follow Sequence {Chapter-wise} 

During Making the Formula Mantra For any Subject Make sure to write all the Formulas in Chapter
wise Manner and Also Make try to use as less space as you can cover. Actually When you write all formulas in Chapter wise Sequence and Revise this Regularly then your Brain Remember the Concepts Behind This Formulas also in Chapter wise Manner. Try to use Different Colors Of Pan for Different Chapters So that Your Brand Can Easily Remember Concepts of the Chapters.
For Example: Let Us Consider That There are 10 Chapters In class 12th Physics,
Chapter 1 All Concepts And Formulas
Chapter 2 All Concepts And Formulas
Chapter 3 All Concepts And Formulas
Chapter 4 All Concepts And Formulas
Chapter 5 All Concepts And Formulas
Chapter 6 All Concepts And Formulas
Chapter 7 All Concepts And Formulas
Chapter 8 All Concepts And Formulas
Chapter 9 All Concepts And Formulas
Chapter 10 All Concepts And Formulas
*Follow This  Type Sequence During The Formula Mantra Formation*

4. Try To Use Only One Paper/Page.

As I told You Earlier That This Is An Psychological Formula So, Due To using Single Paper (Chart Paper, Calendar) Your Brain Imagine that It is Very Small Work For it. So Always Try To Use Smaller Area for Every Chapters Try to write in Small size So that More Information Can Be write In small Space and During Revision Use can Revise it in Few Seconds and Jump to Next Chapter. By using a Single Page You making your mind Foolish that it is very small work for it , to revise an Formula Mantra of any Subject in Few Seconds.

5. Number-Wise

During writing the Formulas Make sure to Write all Formula in Number wise Sequence, So that During Revision you get Motivated From see the Number of Formulas You Revise and Also it Give you an Idea for your syllabus that which chapter contain more Formulas and Concept So that When you preparation or Revise the Chapter you have an Idea of this chapters Main Topics. Use Black Or Blue pen For writing the formulas.
For Example : Assume that There are 10 Formula in Chapter 1 Physics class12th
Chapter 1 : Chapter-Name
Formula No. 1          Formula No. 2
Formula No. 3          Formula No. 4
Formula No. 5          Formula No. 6
Formula No. 7          Formula No. 8
Formula No. 9          Formula No. 10

6. Use 21 Day Strategy. 

To Get the Best Result From the Formula Mantra Must Read The Formula Mantra Everyday in Morning After Awake up. Everyday in Morning Read all the formulas and Concept. To get result to Do this Regularly Everyday Morning and For Fast Result Increase The Number of times Of Reading The Formula Mantra. Minimum 21days of Regular Practice give you any GOOD Result, After 21Days You Realised that you have learned Many Formulas and Concepts.

*Advantages of Follow The Formula Mantra*

There are Many Advantages Of following this Psychological Technique of Remembering formulas and Concepts. Some of the Advantages are give Below:
  • Increase Remembering Capacity
  • Boost Memory Power
  • Increase Confidence
  • Increase Concentration
  • Increase Self Steam


After Reading this Article I hope you implement this Technique in your Board Exam Preparation. I hope You good an Amazing result from this technique, Must share your Reviews in Comment box for this Techniques. I hope you all doing well and pray to god that you get good result in your Desired Exams.

              !!God Blessed You!!

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