How To Manage Time During Examination : Toppers Secrets Tips

Time Management is an Very Important Skill in Today’s Modern World. During Examination Managing time is Very Important to perform your Best. Most of the Students Missed their some Questions due to inappropriate Time distribution during Examination. Management of Time During Board Exams is Also an Very Important Factor for perform your Best. If you really want to learn How to Manage your Time During Board Examination then Read This Article Carefully.

How to manage Time During Exam
Only Knowing Every Answer of the Questions Come in Exam is Not Important But Also Writing this Answers in the Limited Time Is Important, Many Time Students Know Every Answers But Due to their improper time management they lose Some Marks. Mostly When Some Students comes from Exam hall after Exam and They Missed some Questions them they Blamed that paper is lengthy.

Is Really Less Time Given in Exams ??

No, Actually it is the Misconception Of Students That Board Give lengthy paper or Less Time for Paper, But in Reality when you see the Timing with Respect to 
  • No of Questions
  • Paper Difficulty Level
  • Time Per Question
  • Average Paper Solving Time From all Type Of Students{Below Average, Average, Topper}

Then Your Realize that The Time Given For Any Exam is Perfect. But The Students Think that Time is Less Because They Don’t That Exams are Not Only The Testing Of your Knowledge But Also An Testing of Your Management Skill. 

Now Most of students are Always Try To Acquire this Skill But they Do not Know How to Manage their Time During their Class 10th and 12th Board Exams, So Be Happy Because Now I am Going To share Some Secret Tips through Which you can Manage your Time During Your Examination.

5 Secret Tips To Manage Your Time During Examination ?

The Tips I am Going To share Are 100% Practical And Applicable During Exams, All these Points I followed During My Board Exams and Definitely I got Very Amazing Result From These Points.

1. Pre-Plan Your Exam

During Board Exam Time is Limited and In this Limited time You Have to do Many Things Like 
Reading Question Paper, Thinking About Perfect Answer of the Question, Revising Answers, in This Process a lot of time will passed Away and Some times Students also Loses a Lot of Marks Due to Wrong Paper Solving Style. So to Manage the Time During Exam and To Complete your Exams Before the Paper Time Make Sure To Pre plan Your Paper Before Exam.
For Example:-
Pre-Planning Of Mathematics Paper  
Maximum Time : 90 Min

Total Questions : 35
1Marker = 15
2Marker = 10
3Marker = 5
5Marker = 5
Work ~               Time Limit ~
Paper Reading     5 Mins
1marker Question  15Min
2Marker Questions   20Min
3Marker Questions    15Min
5Marker Questions     35Min
Revision & Presentation  10Min

2. Make An Strategy

To Complete your Paper Quickly so that you can get an good time for Revision, Make Sure to make an Perfect Strategy. When you get the Paper don’t Start Solving Instantly, first Make an proper Strategy According to paper so that you Complete the Paper Before Time. Making An perfect Strategy is very Important to solve the Paper Quickly.
For Example :

Paper Reading > 1Marker Questions > 2Marker Questions > 3Marker Question > 5Marker Questions > Revision [Sample Sequence]

3. Distribution According To Section

For Completing the Paper within time Limit “Distribute An Specific Amount of Time To Every Section”. When you Pre-Planned the Distribution Make Sure to the Distribution is according to The Question Paper Difficulty Level. When You Divide an Amount of Time for an Specific Section then your paper Goes Good and You Make Get Some Extra Time During Exam after Complete The Paper.
For Example:
30 Min – Writing Section
20 Min – Grammar
30 Min – Literature 
10Min – Revision

4. Don’t Waste Time In Analysis 

Most Of the Student When They Got The Paper Don’t Not start to Solve first They Make An Hypothetical Analysis Of whole Paper That is the paper is Simple, Average, Hard Due to Which They were Lose They Some Time In this Activity and Due To This Your Mind May Distract and Do not Perform In Good Way. So Never Waste Your Time To analyze the Question Otherwise You may Lose your Precious Time and Some Time You Lose Your Questions Due To This Issue.

5. Try To Complete Paper Before 

To Manage Your Time During Exam try to Write Fast means Try to increase Your Writing Speed, So that you can Complete the Paper Before the Timing, So that Proper Amount of Time You get for Revision of Answers and Improve Presentation Look and Correct Mistakes. When you Complete your Paper Before Be Sure To Crosse check all questions that Is you attempt all the Question or Not. An 5-10 Min Time is Enough for Cross check and Revision. So Try to Complete Paper 5-10 min Before the Submission of the Answer sheet.


Now After Reading the Full Post And secret trick I hope that You know A little Bit Idea For “How to Manage your Time During Board Examination”. I hope you Guys Like this Post if you Really like this then Make sure to Comment Your Valuable Feedback and Suggestions for Us
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