How To Prepare English For Class 12 Board Exam

English is an Common Subject For Science and Commerce Stream Students. Scoring Good Marks in English Makes Your Result Score High. Due to the Common Subject Most Of the Student do not Take this Subject Serious Due to with they score Very low. In Board Exam Every Subject Have Equal Marks But Most of the student are always Busy only in Main Subjects and They do not Focus On English and at the End, Their Marks in English is very low Due to which their Result Also get Affected. So Always Remember Don’t Underestimate Any Subject Because Every Subject Have Equal Weightage and in Same Hard Work some subject give you High Score and Some are Low.   

How To Revise English

Mostly Students Are feared that They do not perform Well in English Because their Hand writing is not Good, I have also same thought Regarding English During my Class10th Board Preparation But when , I know the Right Strategy to Prepare English Then I understand that English is Very Easy Subject To Score High. The Thought That For Scoring High in English You Have Good Hand Writing Is Totally Wrong. English Is Very Simple and Because Easy When You Study this With Full Dedication. You can also Perform very well if you Consistently Follow The Tips Give Below.

5 Tips To Score Maximum In English

The Tips Give Below are Result Oriented And Practical So To Get Good Result From These Tips Make Sure To Follow These Tips with Consistency And Dedication, Because Most Of the Student I see They Do Not Follow The Tips Regularly, So they do not get Good Results.  

1.Solve Sample Papers

Solving Sample Papers Is One Of the Most Important technique to Eliminates Your Mistakes. When You are Solving Sample Paper Actually You are Trained your Mind To Perform Better During The Board Exams. One of the most Important Tips to score Good Marks In English is Solve Sample Paper Regularly Because English is Also about Literature, Friction, Drama. For Getting High Score in English Practice Is Key To Success. So solve Maximum Sample Papers As Possible As. 

2.Written Revision 

Now the Second Most Important Key to Perform Good in English is Written Revision, Because Written Revision Makes Your Writing Skills Better and Also Help In Improving Your Writing Speed. When You are Revise English Try to Writing Because Writing Section Cover Maximum Marks as well as Maximum Time In English Paper. Most Of the Topics of Writing Section Is Mostly Improves with Practice and Scoring In Writing is Possible When You Have Good Writing style and Content Power .

  • Always Focus On Improving Your Writing Skills

During Practice Writing Section Topics Like Note Making, Notice, Advertisement, Poster Making, Article Writing, Letter Writing, etc. Try To Improve Your Writing Skills, So that When the Examiner Check your Answer Sheet Then He Give You Full Marks in this Topics.

  • Make Mind Maps 

Try to Make Mind Maps And One Minutes Revision Notes So that When Ever You See this Maps Or Notes then All the Topic is Revised in Your Mind. During Revision Try make Rough Sketch So that At When Ever You See this Images, sketch, then Your Mind Revise all the Facts Related to this Topic.  

  • Highlight Important Points

In Reading Section, During Reading Passages always Try to highlight or Underline the Technical Terms So that Finding The Answers Become Easy.

3. Focus On Presentation Skill

Scoring High Marks in English is totally Depend on your Presentation Skill. Most of the Students are Focus only on Content and Try To Write more and More But Actually They lose Their Marks Because they not Present their Answer in Right Manner. Presentation Skill is Simple means Style of Presenting Your Answers in An good Manner and Sequence.

  • Make Good Priority

During Writing Answer Follow Sequence and Make An Good Choice Of Question. Always Try To  Chose that Question of which you know the Perfect Answer Rather than the Question Of which You know Half Answers Or Only For Hints Related To the Question.

  • Try To Write Neat And Clean

During Writing the Answers Make Your Answer Sheet Neat and Clean So that When Examiner See your Answer sheet then he will Happy to check. Never Do Rough Work on Same Page. Make Lines After Every Answer.

  • Be Systematic

Write Your Answer in Organized Manner so that Examiner Will Happily Give You Good Marks Easily Without Going in the Depth Of your Answers so that Less Mistakes were Found.

4. Improve Reading Skill

Many Students Are Worried About Reading section they say that their Most of the Time Is Basically Waste only in Reading Section. So During Board Exam preparation Try to increase your Reading speed so that during the Board exam you can Read Faster and Find the Answers Quickly. For the Improving Reading Skill My Suggestion is to Solve Sample paper, Model paper, Passages, Note Making. Reading means not only Read an Paragraph Reading Means Understanding the Content inside the Paragraph and also make idea about Answers and Technical Terms in the Paragraph.

  • Revise Before Submitting 

During the Board Paper Try to Solve the paper Fast So that You Complete The Paper Before the Paper Completing Time So that You Have Sufficient Time for Revision Before Submitting the Answer sheet.

  • Read Quickly

To Increase Your Reading Speed Try To Read Superficially and Second Time Read The Paragraph With Full Concentration. For Reading Quickly Make Practice With Model Paper, Solve Sample Papers and Assignments.

5. Time Management

For Every Work Time Management Is Very Important Similarly In English Board Exam Paper Time Management is Also important Most of student Missed Their Some Question Due Unorganized Time Management, So During Board Exam Preparation Very Careful On Time Management And The Most effective Method To Improve Time Management Skill is Follow any Perfect Time Table. For Improving your Time Management  During Paper is Solve the Model Papers Strictly According to Board Rules and Regulations. So During Your Board Preparation Focus in Practice and Improvement Because If You Practice Then Day By Day Your Time Management Skills is Improving.

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In this Post We cover 5 Most Effective Way To Prepare English For Your Board Exam and We hope you Follow This Tips Regularly With Full Dedication, Then You Get Very Good Result From these Tips. This All Tips Are Result Oriented and Practical so Follow Them Consistently for Getting Result Make sure to be Consistent. If guys Really Like Our Post then Make Sure To Share Your Feedbacks In Comment Box.

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