How To Solve Unseen Passage in English Class 12

Unseen Passages Is Most Common Question in Most of Exams Related to English, It may be Any Board Exam Or Competitive Exam. 

Unseen passages Are Mostly Fearful Topic for most of the Board Students Because of Unrealistic Through Process in Their Mind Related To this topic that is Unseen passage is Time Consuming, Unseen passages is Difficult to solve, Etc. 

So to make this topic Easy and Simple Today in Post We are Tell you some Tips Related to “How to solve Unseen passage in English“. Solving Passage is not Difficult if You Follow an Correct Sequence to solve. 

solve Unseen Passage

Unseen Passage are Mostly Longer Set of Content Due To with It Consumes More Time In Exams If You Do not Follow the Correct Strategy To Solve it, 

Many Students Always Afraid that They do not Solve Passages Correctly Because They Create An Through In their Mind that unseen are Very Difficult to Solve. They Always Ask For Some Tips And Tricks For “How to Solve Unseen Passage Quickly

Tips To Solve Unseen Passages Quickly

Now tell us Know the Most Effective Way to Solve Unseen passages Quickly and Accurately, Only Solving the Passage In less time is never be your main Aim but Solving the passage correctly in less time this the main Goal.

1.Don’t Read Passage, Read Questions First

Generally Students when They Get The Paper During Board Exam they Start Reading The Passage First And Due to this Their Most Of the Time Get Lose in Reading Passage and When they see the Questions then they start Reading the Passage again for searching the answers that questions and Due to this long process their Maximum time get Consumed Only in Solving Passages and They Miss some Question Due to lack of Time.

So In Board Exam Always try to Read Questions First then Read the Passage to find the Answer and Then after getting the First Answer Read Second Question then Read Second Paragraph of the Passage and Future on.

First Question — Paragraph 1
Second Question — Paragraph 2
Third Question — Paragraph 3 
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2. Underline Technical Terms During Reading

In Every Passage their are Some Technical Hard Works which are Mostly in Question Section Some Questions are Asked Related To This Term Just Like Meaning , Synonyms, Antonyms, etc. So During Reading The Passage Try To Underline all the Hard Works and Lines Which you are Feel Important From Question Point Of View.

Underlining The Important Lines During The First Time Reading will Decreases The Time to Find The Answers. Make Underline With Pencil So that Is Convenient For Us Other Purpose Like Re-underline, etc.

3.Don’t Write More But Write Accurate 

During writing Answers Most Of the Students Are using Copy Paste Method Like they Only Match the Question Some Words From the Passage Paragraphs and then they Write All the Paragraph Same To Same. 

Actually Most of the Student Understand that Unseen passage Means Write Answers Only From the give Paragraph, they Don’t Use their Skills to Present Answer Due to which mostly they were lose their Marks in Unseen passage in Their English Board Exams.

My Recommendation To Every Board Aspirants that Don’t Write More or Same But Write Accurate Answers. The Most Important Topics You have to Remember During Writing The Answers are As Given Below:
  • Write the Answers in Your Own Language
  • Don’t Write General Answers from Paragraph
  • Use Simple Sentences
  • Explain the answers in details without Using the whole Paragraph use your own writing skills to Modify the Answer.
  • Don’t Follow the Trend
  • Use Correct Grammar
  • Answer Must Be According To Question
  • Write Creative Answer

All This Points very Effective to Write An Accurate and Effective Answer in Board Examination. During Exam don’t try to follow the trend that what the Others Do you also Do the Same, Be Creative.

Now Tell us Discuss the Correct Process For “How To Find Correct Answers From Unseen passage“.

Correct Steps To Find Answers:

Step 1. Read and Try To Grab the Overall Content Of the Passages Quickly

Step 2. Read and Understand the Questions Given Below the Passage 

Step 3. Read The Passage Once Again To Find the Exact Answer of that Question.

Step 4. Make Sure To Limit Your Reading To part That are Relevant To the Questions asked and then Make the Answer Logical, Accurate and on the Point. Don’t Make Your Answer Longer.

In this Four Steps You Will Get Your Answers From the Passage Easily.


In this Post We tell you About “How To Solve Unseen Passage In English Class12 Board Exam” and  Some Tips To Solve The Passage Quickly and Accurately
Also Tell You the Correct Process to Find the Answers of Unseen Passage. I hope this Post Help you a lot and The Tip I share With you are helpful in your Studies. If you Really Like this Post then Make to share your feedback in comment box.

!! Thank You !!

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