How To Study Online in Lockdown : 7 Tips To Study Effectively

Now a Day’s Online Study is Growing Very Fastly Due to The Interference Of this Covide-19 Pandemic and Due to the Lockdown in Many Countries the Spread Of E-learning is Going Very High and day by day Online Study is the Part of Every Students. But Now the Big Problem of Students is “How To Study Online Effectively“. Mostly The Students who are Enroll in Online Study are not take their Classes Effectively due to Many Distractions.

How to study online
Now Every Students who are study online they have the main Problem Of Long time Focus an Concentration in their Classes, Because Online Classes are Virtual Classes and in this classes Students do not get Connect them Properly due a lot of distractions. In Virtual Classes student do not get proper Vibes of  Study. Now in Todays Post We are going to Discuss Some Genuine Tips which can help you to make your online more Effective and Productive.

7 Tips To Study Online Effectively :

Tips are Become Helpful when they are Applied Consistently For Long Term. Mostly the student are Read the Tips and Follow for 2-3days and then they Quite due to which they do not get Good Results From the Tips, So if you want good result from this Tips then Make Sure to Follow this Tips Regularly.

Make a Proper To Do List 

To Make your Whole day Productive Make Sure To Prepare Your TO-DO List of Everyday. During Online Classes Most Of the Students are Almost Get Engage With the Smartphone After completing the Class which may affect their Mental as well as Physical Health so if you are student then Make Sure to Prepare a Perfect Plan of Everyday Activities Which May Help you to manage your time and You also Become Serious For Some Outdoor Activity. So Make your Everyday Activity list Which Contain your full plan of the Day Like

  1. Online Classes Time
  2. Outdoor Game Time
  3. Self Study Time
  4. Sleeping Time

Take Proper Break

During a long time Online Class Your Brain Get Bored and Tired, So For Proper Use of Time Take a Proper Breaks During Online Classes Because During Online Class you have to Sit at one place For long period of Time on Same Posture Due to which your Body are get Lady and You Feel Sleepy. For Making your Online Class More Productive and Engaged Take Proper Break for Some Diet or To Perform Some Physical Activity which Activate your Body and Brain. 

Select Proper Study Place

For Long Time Online Study Select an Proper Place For Study  Where the Background Voice is Null with Proper Arrangement For Sitting Properly. Selection of Good Place For Study is Very Important Because When your Study Space is Good then give you Study Vides and Motivate you to Study with More Concentration. During Selecting the place for online Study note some Points like Surface should be clear with proper Lighting arrangement and Fresh Air availability is Must Without any Background noise Disturbance.   

Away From Distractions

Most of the Time During Online Classes Most of the Student Get Distracted from Other Online Resources and they get Multi tasking. Today the Distraction of Students is not Television or Outdoor Game, Social Media Applications  and Mobile Games are the Distraction of today’s Generation. So My Suggestion For Every Student is During your Online classes Make sure to Turn off the Notification of your Social Media Because one Notification Sound will distract you Quickly and This Distraction will also Break your Concentration From your Running Virtual class.

Make Notes Of Every Classes and Lectures

To make your online study more Effective Make Notes of Every Class and Lectures. When you write the Concept you are Studying then this Concept is Revised in your mind whenever You see this Notes.
So Make Sure that During Online Classes Not online See the Screen But Also write the Notes of this Concept During the Class and if During the Class Note making is not Possible then Make sure to write all the important points After the Finishing
the Class. Making Notes is Very Good Skill to take Revision Regularly. During Exam Time this Notes are Very Helpful For Us For Revision point of View.

Take Proper Diet 

Diet is Very Important Part of Our lifestyle. For Proper Brain Functioning nutrition of Brain is Also very Important, So During Lockdown Make Sure to Build your Immunity Strong and Take Proper Diet  in Whole day during online Studies Because Mostly Students not take Care of their Diet. Be Serious About your Health in this Pandemic Time and Take Proper Diet During your Studies to make your Brain Activate. Follow a Proper Diet Plan During the Online Study for Better Health an Immunity with Good Study. Make the Diet Plan of Everyday. 

Make Yourself Accountable

When you make your Everyday To-do list then at the End of the Day Before Sleeping Make Sure to Remark your Activities of your Everyday. Tracking the Result of Everyday give an idea for your Improvement. So During Online Study during this Lockdown Make sure to make your Everyday Improvement Sheet. To manage your Time During This Pandemic Make your Everyday Timetable For Proper Work For Particular Time Table.

Conclusion :-
I hope these Tips Make your Doubt Clear About “How To Study Online in Lockdown” and these Techniques are very helpful in your Online Study Journey. If you Really Like This Post Then Make sure To Share you Valuable Feedback in the Comment Box and Share this Post with your Community.

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