New Education Policy 2022

Hello Student, In this Post we are Discuss about New Education Policy 2022, Some education system make students focus on certain subjects at the age of 15 and this is how this Step affects the Student Potential to learn more new skill and Knowledge For their intellectual Growth. Now First Tell us understand how this New Education Policy help our child in their Mental Growth. In the Indian Education System this new Structure of Planing of Education for an Student is One of the Major Change in the Whole System of our Outdated Education Procedure

New Education Policy 2022

According to this New Policy our Education system Change from 10+2 Structure in to 5+3+3+4 Structure. Simple Words the Board Exam which is taken at 10 Class will be Cancelled and The Process of choicing the stream after class 10th. Let us Understand this in Simple Form

New Education System

Categories                          Years

Fundamental                       3+2 year 

Preparatory                         3years

Middle                                3years

Secondary                          4years

Now Lets understand Whats class and Education will be given according to this Structure at Different Ages and Categories. In Every Level their is different Education and Learning will be provided to Student and As well as Exam System is also Changed so that in the Lower age their no Exam pressure on child.

  • In Fundamental Child get Admission in Play school and then proceed  Future upper classes like JrKG, SrKG, Class-1 and after this Student go to Class-2. Their is No Exam in this Stage.
  • Preparatory Consist of 3 classes, which are As Follow Class-3, Class-4, Class-5. At this stage Focus on Activities and Study. Exams are Taken in this Stage and Studies will be doing in Regional Language Mostly 
  • Middle Stage Class -6, Class-7, Class-8 are Consist and in this Stage Student get Start learning Coding, Vocational Course as well as Indian Languages.
  • In Secondary Stage All Exams are Taken in Semester wise Form. At this Stage Students have freedom to chose an Subject or Any Combination of Subject. In this Stage the Board Exam are take only in 12th class no board exam will be taken at Class 10th. 
Now After Passing Class 12th, when you Continues your studies then the Graduation and Higher studies Structure is also get Changed. According this New Policy their is not Compusory to Complete 3years of Graduation to get degree, Now you get your degree at Different Stages. Different Degree at Different Stages.
1Year : Certificate
2Year : Diploma
3Year : Degree
4Year : Research
Post Graduation Structure :
After Completing 4 years of Graduation if you Continues yours Studies to one More Years then you get degree of Post Graduation And After Post Graduation you can Also Continues your Studies For Phd. But M.phill is Removed From now.
This New Policy Comes after 32 years and it is also started implementation at Different Level and Very Soon this Policy is Implemented at the Ground Level. This New Education Policy is Released in April 2020 But It is now Going to Function.
Features of The New Education Structure:

  • Focus on  Skill Development
  • New and Updated Education Planing For Proper Growth
  • Good Mental Preparation  Priority
  • Not Study For Marks Study to get Knowledge and Learn Something New
  • Innovation and Development
  • Proper Mindset Development 

Conclusion :

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