Top 5 Apps For Online Study In India : Educational Apps For Students

Due To this Covide-19 Pandemic, The trend of Online Education is on Boom Now a Days Every Institutes try to Make Their Online Portals For their Students. Many of new Ed-tech Company Come in the Online Education Sector during This Pandemic. This Covide-19 and Omicron Pandemic make the Online Learning as a Part Of Students Life Because with the Help of Online Study they get there Class On anywhere, Anytime. There Are Many Advantages Of Online Study with Respect to Offline Study But in this Post We do not discuss About this, In this Post Basically we Discuss about the Top Application for Online Education in India.

Top Apps For Online Study
Best online education Apps For Students in India

Many Applications are now Available For Student and Teachers For Online Education which can Easily Download from Play Store or App store in One Click. Every Learning Applications have their own Features and importance, But This post Cover about the Most Demanded and Student friendly Online Learning Application in India. 

List Of 5 Best Online Learning Applications For Students in India :

Here is the List of Some Educational Apps which have their Own Web Portal. All the Applications are Available on Play store. In India There are Many Application in the Online Education Sector But Most of the them are Paid.

1. Unacademy

Unacademy is One of the Largest Educational Learning Application in India After Covid-19 Pandemic. Most of the top Educators of India are Available on this application you can Learn from Them on this Application. Unacademy Also Rune many Programs Related to scholarships, Internship as well as Job Opportunity. This Application has two Versions One is For Students Where they Study from the Teachers. Another Version is For Educators Where Educators Teach their Student and Also Share Study Materials, etc. Mostly the Top Educators Are High Qualified Professionals, From this Application Many Civil Aspirants Are Also Preparing. Let us See Fact’s and Data Related to this Application. 

Founders : Gaurav Munjal, Roman Saini, Bhavin Turakhia

Some Data Related to Unacademy  :
  • Downloads = More than 50000000
  • User Rating = 4.0* 
  • 59Million+ Learner 
  • 130k+ Live Classes Launched Every Month 
  • 58k+ Registered Educators Right Now 
  • 2.6k+ Free Live Classes Everyday
  • 2.7 Billion+ Total Minutes of Video Every Month
  • App Size = 46.13 MB
  • Exam Categories = More Than 60

 Some Features Of Unacademy App :

  • All Upcoming Classes Planner
  • Engaging And Interactive Live Classes
  • Live Doubt Solving
  • Weakly Mock Quizzes and Mock Tests
  • Performance Tracking Tools
  • Revision and Practice Sessions
  • Recorded Lectures
  • Lectures Notes
  • Any Time, Any Where
Visit Unacademy Official Website : Click Here

2. Vedantu 

Vedantu is Also One of Most Largest E-learning Platform For Students From Grade 1 To 12 and Many Competitive Exams Like IIT JEE, NEET, NDA, NTSE, KVPY, etc. Vedantu is Mostly Paid Application Most of the Courses are Paid and Some of the Courses are Also free. Vedantu is also Running many Youtube Channels For their Students. It is Leading Platform in IIT JEE preparation, Most of the Educators and Mentors on Vedantu are Highly Qualified Professional Teachers. Let us See Some Fact and Figure about Vedantu Learning Application.

Founders : Vamsi Krishna {Co-founder & CEO} 

Fact’s and Figures

  • No of Downloads = More than 10000000
  • App Size = 47.19MB
  • Class Categories = From 1-12, CBSE, ICSE, Boards Exam, KVPY, NTSE, IIT JEE, NEET
  • User Rating = 4.1*


Features Of Vedantu App

  • Live Quizzes During Classes with Leadership Board
  • Classes By India’s Best Teachers
  • Complete Exam Preparation Study Materials
  • Proven Record of Excellence in Online Education Sector
  • Some Scholarships

Visit Vedantu Official Website : Click Here

3. Physicswallah 

Physicswallah is An Online Learning Platform For Class 9 to 12. This Very Famous Application For IIT JEE and NEET preparation Because of their Founder Mindset Of High Quality Content at Lowest Price. The Founder of this application is an great Teacher of Physics. Many Student get selected in IIT JEE, NEET only by Following their Free Lectures of Youtube. This App is most liked by students Who are preparing For Engineering and Medical. Now the Time Many offline branches of this App is Also Running in Many Cities. Presently In India it is the Most Growing Application in Online Education Sector. Let’s See Some Fact’s And Features Related to this App.  

Founders : Alak Pandey 

Fact’s And Figures 

  • Downloads = More than 1000000
  • App Size = 21.77 MB
  • User Rating = 4.7*
  • Active User {Happy Students} = More Than 6Million
  • Total Video Lectures = More Than 13700
  • No. of  Mock test = More Than 2500

Some Features of PhysicsWallah

  • High Quality Educational Content at Lowest Price
  • Live Classroom
  • Video Lectures 
  • Lecture Wise Notes
  • Topic wise Assignment 
  • Personalised Batches

Visit Physicswallah Official Website : Click Here

4. Apni Kaksha

Apni Kaksha is One Of the Most Growing Online Education Platform. This Application is Very Fast growing in the IIT-JEE and NEET Preparation Segment of Online Study Sector. Most of the Faculty of in this platform are Highly Experienced And Talented. Some of the Courses Are Paid But the Quality of Content is very Good with Respect to Price. The Most Interesting Fact Related to this Application is the Courses in this App is Related to Upcoming Skills And Courses. Let’s See Some Data Related To Apni Kaksha App

Founder : Aman Dhattarwal

Some Fact’s and Figures 
  • No of Downloads = More Than 100000
  • Users Rating = 4.3*
  • Total No Of Channels = 6
  • App Size = 40.38MB 

 Some Features Of Apni Kaksha

  • Familiar Teaching Experience
  • High Quality Content
  • Live Classes and Doubt Solving 
  • Study Material
  • Structured Content
  • Premium Content At Low Prices 

Visit Apni Kaksha Official Website : Check Here

5. Byju’s 

Byju’s is an Revolutionary Platform in the Online Education Sector. This Application is World’s Most Valuable Education Technology Company. This One of the Most Growing Platform After this Covide-19 Pandemic in E-learning Sector. Most Of the Teachers and Mentors in this Online Education Platform are High Qualified and Well Trained. Many Big Celebrity of India are Advertising this Application. Byju’s  Take A small Look on the Fact’s and Features Related To this Application.

Founder : Byju Raveendran, Divya Gokulnath

Some Fact’s Related To Byju’s Application
  • No of Downloads = More Than 1000000000
  • User Rating = 4.1*
  • App Size = 75.30MB
  • Total No of Apps = 10
  • In House Research and Development Team of More than 1000 Creators

Some Features of Byjus Application :
  • Learn From India’s Top Teachers 
  • One to One Mentoring and Guidance
  • Instant Doubt Solving
  • Personalised Learning Programs
  • More Than 1000 Animated Videos and Games With Quizzes
  • Unlimited Practice
  • Experimental Learning 

  Visit Byju’s Official Website : Click Here

Conclusion :

We Cover the “Best 5 Apps For Online Study In India” which are the Most Growing After the Pandemic. This Post is Basically giving you an Brief Idea about the Top Application in Online Education Sector. This all data is Mostly Taken From Different Trusted Sources and Play store. I hope You Like this Post, If you Really Like this Post Then Make Share Your Feedback Related To this Applications. 

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