Which one Is Best : Online Study Vs Offline Study

Due to this Covid-19 Pandemic The Curiosity of People Related To Comparison Between Online Study and Offline Study is increases to much. Most of the people daily Searches to know “Which is Best : Online Study Vs Offline Study“.  In this Post we provide you Unbiased Comparison Between Online Education and Offline Education. We will Discuss the Advantages and Disadvantages of Both Mode of Education {Offline Vs Online} and Also Discuss Which is Best for Students.

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There are Many Advantage and Disadvantage of Online study as well as Offline study, Before Going to the Comparison, I clear you that this Post is only a Comparison, Every Students Have Different Opinion Related to this Topic So, this Post give you an Fair and Detailed Comparison About This Interesting Topic. 

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Advantages Of Online Study:

Basically Online Study is Expand Broadly During This Covid-19 Pandemic, When There is no Possibility of Offline Or Traditional Education to Cooperate then the Concept Of Online Education Comes in Society Make their Presences. Now Tell Us Know of Advantages of Online Education system for us.

Availability (24*7 Available)

The Most Good Thing About the Online Study This its Availability and Presence. Due to the Online Study Today Any Student Can Study Anywhere, Anytime, Any subject. Students with the help of Online study achieving Their Goals And Most Of the Student Who Never aspect the High Class Education Now they Get Selected In IITs, NITs, Medical Colleges By Cracking Entrance Exams with the Help Of Online Study. Online Study Give you the Freedom to Study anywhere, Anytime From any Teacher. Due to Online Study The Students in Rural Area are Now Get Quality Education and Get Achieve Their Desired Dreams. This Internet Revolution From 2015 Makes any Boom in E-Learning Sector Across The Globe. 

Cost Effective

Due To the Introduction of Online Study Many Of the Institutes Which are Taking an Very Cost For Quality Education Get Closed, The Introduction of online education Many of the Student Who Belongs from Very Poor Families Do not Have Enough Money Form Completing Their Basic Education Now they Are Preparing For Entrance Exams After Passing Their Basic Education and them Most Of them Get Achieve Their Dream Colleges and Dream Jobs. Online Education Is very much Cost Effective and Due to with Many Students Life Get Changed. Due to the Revolution Of Online Education the Top Coaching Of India Also Decrease Their Fees for Quality Education. So Online Education is like a Boon From Students And Parents.

Independence of Learning

Online Study Give us Independence of Learning. Now in Todays Modern World it’s not important that you have Degree But You have skillful to Get an Job. Online Mode of Education Give us:-

  • Learn any Skill 
  • Learn Anywhere
  • Learn Anytime
  • Learn From Any Teacher
  • Learn Any Course

Now Due to this Internet Revolution, People have independent to choose any course any Teacher and Because of this All Authority is now in Student Hand to learn from any Teacher, any Course, and if they not give Education then they can switch Anytime Whenever They through that the Education Quality is Down Or any Issue Study from him.

Conceptual Understanding

Visual Learning Of any Concept Give You More Understanding Related to This Topic and Also Give you Good Knowledge Related To that Subject. Now Many E-Learning Portals Providing High Class Education With 3D Animation Classes Which May Give a Brief Conceptual Clearness Of the This Topic. E-learning Also Give us Any Opportunity to Revise any Topic Any time with Help of Pre-Recorded Study Lectures and Classes Videos.

Good Time Management 

Online Education is You Opportunity to Learn Any Topic any Time when You Want to Learn It May Be the Night, Day, Evening, Morning there is no Time Limitation as Like in Offline Study. Also Their no Time Consumption for Study Materials, Now Any Student any Download Any High Quality Study Materials From Any Government E-learning Portals Which may Safe Time of Students.

Disadvantages Of Online Study

Everything Having Advantages May Have Disadvantages, Now tell us See the Disadvantages Of Online Study.

More Distraction 

Online Education is More Effective Mode Of Learning But As it is Not One to One Direct Connection of Students With Teacher, Due To Which many Students May Distract From Small Unwanted Content During their Online Classes.

No Social Presence

The Most Biggest Disadvantage Of Online Education is Making Students introvert. Due to Online education System most of the Student Are additive of Mobile Phones Which May Boycott Them from Physical Society. They are Always Busy in their Virtual Society Of internet. Many Of the Kids are Additive Of Mobile Games, they Not Involve in Physical Activities Due to Which is they physical Growth May Effected. So If you are Parents Reading this Article then Make Sure To your Kids involve in Physical Games and Physical Activities Which Help him in their Physical Growth.

No Personal Development 

Due To the High Engagement With Mobile Phones and Virtual World Of Internet, Student Personal Growth May Affects. Many Skills Are losing From the Students Due High Additivity Of Mobiles phones and Social Media. Some Minute Skills Are As Follow:

  • Behavioral  Development
  • Personality Development
  • Emotional Mastery
  • Social Responsibility
  • Physical Development
  • Stress And Eye Problem

Psychological Problems Like Stress and Depression Due To More Addiction With Screens. This is the due to which Most of the Student have to use Spectacles in Very Earlier Age. So if you are Using Mobile Phones Or Working On System For Longer Duration Of time Then Make a Proper Balance For Physical Activities Also.

Advantages Of Offline Study

Basically Offline Education System is also Know As Traditional Education System. There are Many Advantages of Offline. Most of the Myths are There Regarding to Offline Study. There were many Advantages of Offline Study from some are Discussed Below:

One To One Connectivity

Most Big Advantage of Offline Classes is One To One Connectivity of Students With Teacher through which Student can Get there Doubt Clear and also If they are Not Concentrate in class then Teacher Can See and Mention Him so That Less Distraction During Classes Where as in Online Class Students Are During Multiple Task at Single Time and They Distracted. When The Student have any Issue or Problem They Can Easily Discuss Personally.

Physical Classes / Physical Activities

In Offline Classes There is Opportunity For Students To Involve himself in Physical Activities and Sports So that they Get Physically and Mentally Fit. Physical Classes give student an Surrounding and Vibes of Study. So Physical Class are Very important for Student for there Behavioral Development As Well as Moral Development.


Offline Study make an Competition Among the Students So that they Connection with Study and Study Surrounding May Stable. Competition with Student make the student curious to Explore the Topic and get an Brief Knowledge About that Topic. Making Competition among Student Makes There Mind Competitive so that in future they can Survive the upcoming Competitions Exams.

  • Disadvantages Of Offline Study
There are Also Many Disadvantages Of Offline Study. Offline Study have some basic Myths and Issues Related to this mode of Education During Covide-19 Pandemic. Some Of this Disadvantages are discussed Below:

  • Time Consumption in Study Materials
  • High Costing For Quality Education 
  • Low Conceptual Understanding
  • Limitation Of Time For Classes, Syllabus, etc
  • Not Accessible Everywhere and Every time 

These are the most big disadvantages of traditional Education System.


I hope This Unbiased Comparison Between Offline and Online Study Is Very Helpful for us. Every Student have their Own Opinion Regarding to this Topic, So Everyone have their Own through Behind this topic so Make Sure To share Your Opinion In comment Box. If you Really Like This Post then Also Make Sure To Comment Your Feedback and Suggestions. 

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