Why education in India is not good?

“Education is one the One of the Most Powerful Weapon to Win an War” an Popular Through. India is the Country which is Most Famous For their Culture and Tradition.

We know that the Culture of India is Very Inspirational and It may Changes The Through Process of an Human from Negativity to Positivity. But the Education System of India is not Updating with Updating Society, Culture and Tradition.


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Our Education System is Not Fit For Us ?

Today INDIAN youth are Making Records in Every Field like Digital Marketing, Entrepreneurship and Many More But Still the Education System is Only Teaching the Students How to Get an Government Job to Become an Employee Because Our Education System never Teach Students About Skill Development They Always Focus only Making an Students to an Employee Mindset But the Youth of India is Updating themself to Learn Skills and Develop Expertise in their Field.

How Marks and Grade System Affects The Indian Education System ?

The Most Biggest Problem in Indian Education System is the Grade System to Measure the Capability of an Student which is Totally Not Fair with Talented Students who are Really Talent But Most of the Institutes and Schools of India Still Judge an Students On the Basis of their Report Card an Marks in Their Exam.
  • The Knowledge of Financial Freedom never Given in Indian Schools and Colleges Because the Britishers Make the Education System so that Indian Can not Understand the Value of Financial Freedom so that Indians will Works as Servants For Britishers and The Same System is Persuading Gradually From Generation to Generation.
  • I Never Seen an Teacher or Parent who teaches their Child About Money or Financial Security, Financial Freedom, Time Freedom they always Teaches Their Child That, If they Study Hard and Perform good in their Exams then they Got Good job.
  • Our Indian Education System is Totally Designed to make Job Seekers not Job Creators that’s the Main reason behind the Low development of India. Most of the Highly Qualified Peoples Switch to Other Countries after getting good job after completing their College.  

How Education System of India Changes From 2016 to 2022

After 2016 the Education System is Changing Gradually, Government of India Making different new Policies to make their Youth Skillful so that they not depend only on Government for Employment but also Create Employment so India Become an Develop Country in 2030. Every State of India Try to Implementing the New Education Policy in their Curriculum. 
Still it is Very Hard to Change the Whole Education System of an Country but Still the Government is Working on this Point with their full Activeness is an Good News. Many New Startup are Come in the Market To Making the Student more Skill development So that They Grab the Different Opportunities in Different Sectors.

Last Words 

In past Years The Education System is Changes and Hopefully it will Continue Changing and Updating with the Situation. We hope India is going on the Path of Development and Making their Youth as their Weapon to Win from the Unemployment through making them Skillful and Job Creator Mindset. We hope our this article help you a lot, Make sure to Share your Feedback in the Comment box.
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